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Agenda Item FA 19-18

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Proposal for Moving APC Agenda Items to FA Consent Agenda

03/07/19: Passed

04/09/19: Approved

Proposal for Moving APC Agenda Items to FA Consent Agenda



In order to streamline what can be a crowded legislative agenda at Faculty Association meetings, the Academic Programs Committee proposes that APC packages involving relatively minor changes be placed on the FA consent agenda. 

Upon recommendation by the APC chair, APC packages that meet specific criteria and have been reviewed and approved by the full APC may be automatically placed on the FA meeting Consent Agenda. A package will be placed on the consent agenda when:

  1. no program other than the one proposing the curricular change is impacted by the change; and
  2. there are no resource implications.
Any item on the Consent Agenda may be moved to the regular legislative agenda through a motion and subsequent vote by those members present at the FA meeting at which the item is voted upon.

The following types of changes are ones that may be moved directly to the FA Consent Agenda unless they impact a program of study in another unit:


  • Changes to course pre-requisites or co-requisites
  • Changes to course titles
  • Changes to course descriptions
  • Changes to course objectives/learning outcomes
  • The addition or removal of electives from a Program of Study