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Agenda Item FA 19-37

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Brooks College of Health (Graduate) – (Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences, Health Administration, & Public Health):

New Courses, Course Changes, Courses Terminate & Programs of Study (3 packages)

06/06/19: Passed

06/12/19: Approved

The package is passed during June 6 FA mtg with a course title changed from Health Information Systems and Informatics to Strategic Planning for Health Information.

Log Number: 201901-13

Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences – Graduate

Change a degree-major of an existing program

Doctor of Physical Therapy – Physical Therapy

Summary of the changes:

This requested action will change the program of study by: 


  1. terminating a course, Management of the Integument (PHT6734, 1 credit), 
  2. add an elective course (PHT 6XXX Independent Study, 1-3 credits), 
  3. increase credit hours for an existing course (PHT6070, Imaging in Rehabilitation, from 1 credit to 2 credits) and 
  4. change a course title from PHT 6606C Clinical Inquiry (3 credits) to Foundations of Evidenced Based Practice. These changes will update the curriculum to contemporary standards and improve the alignment between the course titles and credit hours with the course objectives. These changes will not change the total credit hours needed for completion of the POS.


(Click here for the program of study)

Log Number: 201901-42

Health Administration – Graduate

Add a new degree-major program

Master of Health Admin – Executive Master of Health Administration

Summary of the changes:

The Department of Healthcare Administration is requesting approval of ten new graduate courses which make up the curriculum for a new 30-credit hour graduate program, the Executive Master in Health Administration (EMHA). The program has received approval from the UNF Board of Trustees. The log Number of the approval of the program is 201808-127. The preferred Effective Term is (201908).

The UNF EMHA Program is a largely online and structured cohort program designed for working healthcare professionals. The format allows healthcare professionals currently employed in mid to upper level administrative and management positions the opportunity to earn an advanced degree while continuing to meet their professional obligations.

The courses that make up the EMHA program are:

HSA6XXX Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Healthcare (3 Credits)

HSA6XXX Financial Management for Health Care Organizations (3 Credits)

HSA6XXX Research Methods for Healthcare Management (3 Credits

HSA6XXX Strategic Planning for Health Information Systems and Informatics (3 Credits)

HSA6XXX Managing Human Resources in Health Care Organizations (3 Credits)

HSA6XXX Population Health for Health Administrators (3 Credits)

HSA6XXX Health Policy and Law (3 Credits)

HSA6XXX Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Management (3 Credits)

HSA6XXX Health Economics, Financing and Reimbursement (3 Credits)

HSA6XXX Strategic Planning and Marketing in Healthcare (3 Credits)

(Click here for the program of study)

Log Number: 201901-47

Public Health – Graduate

Change a degree-major of an existing program

Master of Science – Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Summary of the changes:

The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), the national accrediting body for counseling programs, revised their standards in 2016. The new standards include new content that is not currently in the UNF Clinical Mental Health Counseling program (CMHC) curriculum. As a result, the UNF CMHC program is seeking to change the name of MHS6205 Assessment and Evaluation (3 Credits) to MHS6205 Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis (3 Credits) to reflect needed changes in the current course objectives. The second request is the removal of MHS6070 Psychopathology (3 Credits) from the CMHC program curriculum as objectives under this course are being incorporated into the other program courses. The course removal allows for the third change, the addition of a new course, MHS6XXX Advanced Counseling (3 Credits). This new course will incorporate missing content that will help bring the CMHC program into alignment with the new CACREP accrediting standards while also delivering the content necessary for program graduates to successfully pass the licensure exam and obtain employment in the field. These changes do not alter the overall program length or cost. This APC package also includes editorial changes to the Program Of Study (i.e., adding credit hours to Major Electives).

(Click here for the program of study)