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Agenda Item FA 19-03

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Education & Human Services (Doctorate) - (Leadership, School Counseling, & Sport Management):

New Course, Courses Changes, Terminate Courses, & Program of Study (1 package)

01/10/19: Passed

01/10/19: Approved

Log Number: 201808-28

Leadership, School Counseling, & Sport Management – Doctorate


Change a degree-major of an existing program

Doctor of Education– Educational Leadership Major


Summary of changes:

The University of North Florida’s College of Education and Human Services Ed. D. in Educational Leadership was selected in April 2017 to be a member to the elite Carnegie Project on the Educational Doctorate (CPED) consortium. CPED is a respected consortium of over 100 schools of education that collaborate to improve leadership preparation and provide a framework for program redesign that supports creating quality leadership preparation. Over the past year, the Ed. D. program embarked on a program revision. During the 2017-2018 school year, the program faculty with graduates, current students, and our external advisory council collaboratively revised the program mission, vision, and guiding principles. See the link below for more specifics.

No additional resources will be needed. Changes submitted in this APC are intended to update our curriculum. The Doctoral teaching faculty, with input from graduates, current students, and the program’s external advisory council, reached consensus to implement the updates in this APC. Faculty redesigned the program of study that includes coursework revisions and the development of an embedded dissertation process to assist students’ progress through the program in a timely manner. The primary goal of the revision is to systematically embed research activities across the program. From the onset of the revised program of study, doctoral students will start developing and using skills needed to become scholarly practitioners in coursework, while simultaneously learning about leadership theories and models that can be used to design and implement applied research projects in community settings poised for change.

The proposed changes result in additional research coursework to support students throughout the program, collapsing required leadership coursework, implementing a portfolio process to assess students’ progress on an ongoing basis that replaces the current comprehensive exam process and self assessment course, and a revised embedded dissertation model that incorporates the dissertation proposal into coursework while reducing the required number of dissertation hours. The goal is to implement these revisions starting with the 2019-2020 academic year. The total credit hours for the program are changing from 76 credits to 60 credits. Below we highlight the proposed changes to the program.

Major Requirements Changes

EDA 7980 Doctoral Dissertation Research - The program changes result in a reduction of minimum dissertation hours from 24 to 12. The revision includes an embedded dissertation model that increases the number of required research course credits while simultaneously reducing dissertation hours by moving the dissertation proposal into coursework.

All courses other than dissertation are 3 credits.

EDA 7420 – Foundations of Research in Educational Leadership, the first course in the research sequence, was redesigned to include content on epistemology and ontology earlier in the program that will benefit students as they design research projects.

EDA 7xxx - Academic Writing in Education: Framing Problems of Practice is a new doctoral writing seminar that focuses on addressing a problem of practice, synthesizing existing literature, and constructing an academic argument. This seminar has previously been taught as a special topics course.

EDA 7400 - Research in Educational Leadership: Quantitative Methods, and EDA 7410 - Research in Educational Leadership: Qualitative Methods were redesigned to focus on acquiring applied research methodology expertise to assist students to develop relevant problems of practice, and align appropriate quantitative /qualitative data collection and analysis techniques..

Further, the dissertation proposal process will be embedded across two courses EDA 7979 - Research Seminar in Educational Leadership and EDA 7421 - Inquiry into Research in Educational Leadership. Both EDA 7979 and EDA 7421 have new course titles to reflect these changes.

EDA 7945 - Practicum: Leadership Assessment and Development will be removed from the program of study. This program revision streamlines content and reduces courses in the leadership core. Additionally, we will remove comprehensive exams from the program. Comprehensive exams were previously part of the required 24 dissertation hours. Instead, the program will implement a non-credit bearing portfolio that assesses student progress throughout the program, rather than at one point in time, currently after completing 3 years of coursework. The content from EDA 7945 will be included in the new portfolio.

EDA 7262 - Educational Leadership III: Organizational Theory and Design will be removed from the program of study. The content from this course was similar to content in EDA 7192 - Leadership: The Group/Team Context. The content has been embedded into a revised course entitled EDA 7192 - Collective Leadership in Organizations and Communities.

Lastly, several course titles were changed slightly and course descriptions and objectives were updated to reflect CPED design concepts. The shift in the course descriptions and course objectives were also developed to align with the revised guiding principles, mission, and vision of the program. The goal of these changes is to develop better program coherence. These minor changes are reflected on the revised program of study and are summarized below.

EDA7190 - Leadership for the Evolving Leader (new title) – - The course objectives were adapted to infuse more job-embedded activities for student practitioners and align with the revised Guiding Principles of the program.

EDA7193 - Educational Leadership for Change (new title) The course was adapted to infuse more job-embedded activities including the practical application of educational change to student's learning contexts.

EDF 7194 - Seminar in Educational Policy – The changes in the course description and course objectives shift the course content from a theoretical course to an applied course where students actively engage in educational policy.

EDF7215 - Learning and Instruction throughout the Lifespan (new title) - The shift in the course description, course objectives, and course title have been modified to embed the CPED Design principle, problems of practice, into course content.

EDF7545 Philosophy of Education - The purpose of the revised course description and objectives is to front load the philosophy of education content earlier in the program to assist students to recognize the complexities, dilemmas, and issues currently facing educational organizations.

EDF7635 Cultural and Social Foundations of Education - The course revision focuses on developing students’ understanding of how leaders address and seek solutions to the persistent, ongoing dilemmas facing socially and culturally diverse populations in today’s society.

Cognate Change–

The revision also reduces the required number of credit hours for the cognate or area of specialization from 12 credit hours to 9 credit hours.

(Click here for the program of study: POS_Log Number 201808-28)