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Agenda Item FA 19-02

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Computing, Engineering and Construction (Graduate) - (Construction Management):

New Course & Program of Study (1 package)

01/10/19: Passed

01/10/19: Approved

Log Number: 201808-97

Construction Management-Graduate

Change a degree-major-concentration of an existing program

Master of Business Administration - General Business Major

Concentration: Construction Management

Summary of the changes:

The Construction Management Department would like to propose two new courses as options for the Construction Management Concentration in the MBA. the proposed change replaces a required course, BCN6595 Environmental Issue Land/Const (3 Credits), with a choice of one of three course options: BCN6595 Environmental Issue Land/Const (3 Credits), BCN6XXX Special Topics in Construction Management (3 credits), and BCN6XXX Construction Management Practicum (3 credits). By offering an advanced topics class it will allow the Construction Management Department to bridge gaps that an MBA student, focusing in construction, may have in the construction field. The Practicum will allow students focused in construction to experience the industry first hand. This course would allow those MBA students already employed in the construction industry, to focus on a particular aspect of their company through a project or thesis assigned through this internship course. Students will still be required to complete BCN 6728 Construction Planning and Scheduling (3 credits), and BCN 6748 Construction Law (3 credits) for the Construction Management Construction. However, students would now be given the option of taking the advanced topics or a practicum in lieu of BCN 6595 Environmental Issues in Land Development and Construction. This proposed change will not change the total number of program credit hours would not change.
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