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Agenda Item FA 19-01

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Coggin College of Business (Graduate) – (Economics):

Program of Study (1 package)

01/10/19: Passed

01/10/19: Approved

Log Number: 201808-23



Change a degree-major-concentration of an existing program

Master of Business Administration - General Business Major

Concentration: GlobalMBA

Summary of the changes:

The GlobalMBA Committee has decided to update the program and change some of the electives in the concentration:


  1. Remove ECO6101X Business Strategy/Game Theory (MBA Elective) from Cologne
  2. Add Human Resources Management (MBA Elective) in Warsaw


This change came from an Accreditation request from our German Partner. Two years ago they received an accreditation visit, which recommended to include a Human Resources class in the globalMBA program. In one of our Directors meetings we evaluate this request and we agreed to replace one of the electives of the program by the Human Resource Management Class. We also agree that this class would be taught in Poland.

Accordingly, this change reflects this necessary change in the curriculum.

The total number of credit hours for the program remains the same.

(Click here for the program of study: POS_Log Number 201808-23)