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Agenda Item FA 19-16

Submitted by the Executive Committee

2021-2022 University Matriculation Calendar (Draft) & Addendum

The item was disapproved by Interim Provost Chally per the request from Charles Learch, University Registrar as following: The 20/21 was approved and signed by Provost and President in a meeting a week or so ago. That’s good. I made the submission deadline for the state on that one. There was discussion about new course sequencing options that may require adjustments to the calendar. It was a topic for which I was not prepared to discuss in detail. Those adjustments do not alter any calendar characteristics that you helped guide through FA. Instead, they are akin to adding another layer. Rather than submit a calendar to the state that would likely be recalled if/when we need to add this new layer as well as to involve the full scope of calendar approval groups in this new idea, I stepped into the discussion and recommended we hold back on the 21/22. All that to say, I’m complicit in the "method.” It may have been a bad idea, but it seemed like the right thing to do in the moment.

02/07/19: Passed

03/04/19: Disapproved

Matriculation Calendar for 2021-2022 found here:

2021-2022 Calendar