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Agenda Item FA 19-09

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

CCB (Undergraduate) – (Economics):

New Course and Program of Study (2 packages)

02/07/19: Passed

02/08/19: Approved

Log Number: 201808-52

Economics – Undergraduate

Log Number: 201808-128

Economics – Undergraduate

Add a new concentration to an existing program

Bachelor of Business Admin. – International Business Major

Concentration: Valencia Double Degree

Summary of the changes:

The International Business Flagship Program is proposing an undergraduate dual degree program, with a major in International Business.

This effort is part of the mission of the Trans-Atlantic Business School Alliance (TABSA), see This Alliance was established with the purpose of completing double degree programs between European and US partners. We had already completed a double degree program with Kedge in Marseilles, France, and this is our second program with University of Valencia in Spain.

The University of Valencia ( is one of the top research Universities in Spain and Europe. It has one of the top business schools in Spain and is located in one of the largest metropolitan areas in Spain, 3rd position, and Europe, 24th largest. In addition, Universidad of Valencia has a rich history and cultural background since its foundation in 1499. The University is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Spain.

For this double degree program, in addition to meeting other UNF and UV requirements, all candidates must complete an admission interview by their home school. All dual degree students will spend 2 years at each university. Students will take a minimum of 45 hours at UNF with at least 15 at the upper division.

The IB director have worked closely with the General Education Council, and the Director of Academic Programs and SACSCOC Accreditation Liaison at UNF to ensure that Spanish students will meet the UNF general education requirements upon graduation.

Both UNF and Valencia students will have the option of participating in the program in this limited access track (5 students will be accepted from each school each year) within the International Business Major. All students will complete the requirements for the UNF BBA in International Business and the requirements for UV-FdE's Degree in International Business. Instruction will be in both English and Spanish. Although UNF students will be given the opportunity to take all classes in English, proficiency through Intermediate Spanish II is required of UNF students so UNF students must continue to take Spanish language during each semester in the program. Students who have demonstrated higher-level Spanish language proficiency will be encouraged to take business classes offered in Spanish. Students will complete both an internship and a thesis before graduating.

Credits necessary to obtain both degrees: 140

Benefit for the student: This program will greatly enhance the international experience of participating students. It will provide fluency in Spanish and working experience in a Spanish speaking country. These skills will be readily available in the Florida economy, given its relationship with Latin America. This program will also provide students with a European degree and experience in the third largest European Union country, which will benefit our students and UNF's offering of unique programs.

(Click here for the program of study)