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Agenda Item FA 18-80

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction School of Computing (Undergraduate) – (School of Computing):

New Degree Program Request – Proposal for Bachelor of Science – Information Technology Major (1 package)

12/06/18: Passed

12/14/18: Approved

01/17/19: UBOT

Log Number: 201808-116

New Degree Program Request:

Proposal for Bachelor of Science – Information Technology Major – Undergraduate


The School of Computing has been offering the Information Technology program as a concentration under a generic major titled "Computer & Information Sciences". To respond to the requests of employers, students and parents, the faculty of the School of Computing voted to elevate each of the 4 concentrations to stand-alone majors. The request to plan (RTP) was submitted to the State's council of academic vice presidents (CAVP). The proposal was approved on November 17, 2017. Then a full proposal was approved by the UNF Council of Deans and is being forwarded to the BOT for final approval and to the State for inclusion in their degrees inventory. The attached Information Technology program was approved by the School's curriculum committee and faculty in their September 14, 2018 meeting. The program's length remains at 120 credit hours. Since the program already exists, no additional resources are required.

(Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Program Proposal Attachment)