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Agenda Item FA 18-76

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Hicks Honor College

New Course & Curriculum Changes (1 package)

12/06/18: Passed

12/11/18: Approved

Log Number: 201808-50

Hicks Honor College - Undergraduate


Change an existing non-degree program

Certificate - Hicks Honors College Curriculum


Summary of the changes:

It is the goal of the Hicks Honors College to add depth and breadth to an Honors student's experience while at the same time making it available to more students and keeping it efficient so that no student has to spend more time or exceed 120 credits. For this reason, it is proposing to add upper-division academic and co-curricular components that will mesh well with student majors and other academic requirements. The proposal enhances the current program since it will (where it hasn't before) be open to internal and external transfer students, will incorporate Honors in the Major from any department or college that wishes to offer one, and will add a range of enriching curricular and co-curricular opportunities to be counted as Honors experiences. Note again that this proposal does not add additional cost to the student or to the institution. The changes proposed include adding the following to the program:

  • An upper-division program including the following elements:
    • Hicks Honors Pre-Capstone Symposium (0-1 credit hour)
    • Honors in the Major or an alternative approved by the Hicks Honors College
    • At least two experiences such as (but not limited to) presenting at a conference off campus, taking an upper-division Hicks Honors seminar, participating in a UNF performance ensemble (if a non-Music major), taking two languages beyond major requirements, etc.
  • Involvement in extensive co-curricular activities such as (but not limited to) taking on a major leadership role or participating in a variety of selected experiences as approved by the Hicks Honors College
  • Completion of an e-portfolio that demonstrates fulfillment of the Hicks Honors Capstone

This proposal also includes changing the required UNF GPA in order to graduate from the Hicks Honors College from 3.4 to 3.2 because 

  1. we are adding additional rigorous requirements to the program,
  2. average GPAs vary widely in different majors and we don't want to make it impossible for some majors to fulfill the Hicks Honors program, and
  3. we do not want to penalize students who heed our advice and take risks by trying new things.

Please note that this proposal was designed by a task force made up of faculty from every college as well as Honors staff. It was, further, vetted by the Honors Council, a committee selected by the Faculty Association (and also made up of representatives from each college), every step of the way.


Click here for the program of study: Log Number 201808-50