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Agenda Item FA 18-66

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Arts and Sciences (Graduate) – (Biology and School of Music):

New Course, Courses Changes, & Program of Study (3 packages)

12/06/18: Passed

12/11/18: Approved

Log Number: 201808-47


Log Number: 201808-48


Log Number: 201808-68

School of Music–Graduate

 Change a degree-major-concentration of an existing program

Master of Music - Music Performance Major

Concentration: Conducting  


Summary of the changes:

We are requesting the following changes to the Master of Music degree in Music Performance with a concentration in Conducting:


  1. In the informational text at the beginning of the program of study, we are changing the information about Applied Courses to reflect changes to Term Four of the POS (see below) and to clarify the requirements for those specializing in Instrumental Conducting. We are also adding information about advising for electives.
  2. In Term Two, we are fixing a mistake in the existing POS. MUL6645 (Choral Literature) and MUL 6567 (Instrumental Literature) are both 3 credit courses, not 2 credit courses (i.e., they are both listed as 3 credit courses in the existing university catalog). To accommodate this correction, we are removing the 1 credit elective from this term.
  3. In Term Four, we are removing the 2 credit Applied Conducting Requirement, changing MUG6954 from a 1 credit course to a 2 credit course, and adding 1 credit of electives.


These changes are necessary because certain courses required for this degree are only offered once every other year. These changes ensure that students will be able to take exactly 9 credit hours per semester regardless of the year in which they enter the program, which is not currently the case.

This package also includes four course action requests: 

  1. MUG6954 Graduate Conducting Lecture Recital – change from 1 credit to 2 credits
  2. MUG6xxx Conducting Intensive – new elective course
  3. MUG6xxx Score Study and Preparation – new elective course
  4. MUL6xxx Choral-Orchestral Masterworks – new elective course

The three new elective courses are being created in order to reduce the number of Directed Independent Studies that our Director of Choral Activities is having to offer. They will be cross-listed with new undergraduate-level courses that are being created in a separate APC package: Changing "Choral Conducting" Certificate to "Conducting" Certificate; Creating New Conducting Electives.

(Click here  for the program of study)