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Agenda Item FA 19-25

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Coggin College of Business (Graduate) – (Accounting & Finance):

New Course & Programs of Study (2 packages)

04/04/19: Pending

05/09/19: Passed

05/21/19: Approved

Not enough quorum on 4/4/2019 FA mtg.

Log Number: 201808-130

Accounting & Finance – Graduate


Change a degree-major of an existing program

Master of Business Admin - General Business Major


Summary of the changes:

Create FIN 6xxx - Fixed Income Analysis. Currently, students are taking FIN 6936 - Special Topics to take fixed income analysis, which is offered to both graduate and undergraduate students. There should be a separate course so that students do not have to take special topics to take this course.

This will be an elective graduate course. There is no change in the total credit hours for an MBA as a result of this course. There is no change in the POS because it is an elective and falls under the last "Select One Course - 6000 Level" heading in the attached, where courses are not individually listed but just indicated by prefix (i.e., FIN). Therefore, there is no change to the POS.

Students will still be able to choose FIN 6036 for other topics and is not replaced by the new course.

(Click here for the program of study)

Log Number: 201808-131

Accounting & Finance – Graduate

Add a new non-degree program

Certificate - Graduate Certificate in Financial Analytics Certificate

Summary of the changes:

The graduate certificate in financial analytics will truly allow a UNF MBA student to distinguish him- or herself by demonstrating the highest level of excellence in a series of boutique finance courses UNF has developed in the last few years and which are by now well-known in the business community. Not only would students complete these specialized courses, but they would also have to complete them at the highest standard of excellence (grade of A). These courses require an intensive work load and require an extremely high level of analysis. In addition to in-class assignments, students in the classes work directly with companies throughout the semester on assigned projects. The opportunity to earn the certificate of financial analytics may also motivate potential students to apply to our program and would be an effective way to market our finance programs. The certificate will require a total of 12 credit hours to complete.
Students can obtain the certificate by taking the following four courses (12 credits) and earning an A in each one:

  1. FIN 6565 and 6566 – Student Managed Investment Fund (OFG) (Fall and Spring)* (6 credits)
  2. FIN 6XXX - Fixed Income Analysis (Spring only)* (3 credits) - Course created via APC log # 201808-130
  3. FIN 6XXX - Financial Modeling (Fall only)* (3 credits) - Course created via APC log # 201801-16; number not yet assigned.

(Click here for the program of study)