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Outstanding Faculty Community Engaged Scholarship Award

The University of North Florida recognizes faculty members who perform meritoriously in the area of Community Engaged Scholarship.


The award winner will receive an honorarium of $2,500 and a commemorative plaque. Awards will be presented at Convocation. The award is funded by the Center for Community-Based Learning. The Center for Community-Based Learning reserves the right not to provide the monetary award to any winner who is not a UNF employee at the time of Convocation.


Any full-time tenured or tenure-track member of the faculty is eligible to be considered for the Outstanding Faculty Community Engaged Scholarship Award. No Community Engaged Scholarship awardee shall be eligible for another Outstanding Faculty Community Engaged Scholarship Award until the fifth year following recognition of the receipt of the last award (for instance, if one won an award in 1999-2000, the next time he/she would be eligible to apply for the award again would be the 2004-2005 academic year).


Any student, alumnus or alumna, member of the faculty, staff, or administration of the University of North Florida may nominate a faculty member for this award. Nominations are posted through the Faculty Association website. It is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure that his/her nomination is delivered prior to the deadline. The nomination should not include an argument on behalf of, or a rationale for, the candidacy of the nominee is not needed.


The Faculty Association President or a member of the FA staff shall confirm the eligibility of each nominee and send a letter of confirmation of the nomination to each eligible nominee and his/her chair after the close of nominations.

Nominee Applications

Each nominee shall be invited to submit a five pagecurriculum vitae, which includes educational background, current position at UNF, other awards received for community engaged scholarship, and a succinct listing of scholarly accomplishments, especially those related to her or his community engaged scholarship. In addition, each nominee shall submit a three page summary and discussion of what he or she feels is his or her most significant community engaged scholarship activities. The materials submitted can include accomplishments occurring during the faculty member's entire career at the University of North Florida; however, once a person has won the award, submitted materials can include only accomplishments occurring since the last award.* Nominees shall also be invited to submit no more than three letters of support from community representatives briefly describing how the nominee's community engaged scholarship has contributed to the community. A signed statement by the faculty member attesting to the accuracy of the information (see "Statement of Accuracy") must also be included in the packet.


Nominees will be given two weeks from the date of notification of nomination to email all required materials, including a statement affirming the accuracy of the content, to the Faculty Association email address ( Nominees are to consolidate all of the application materials into a single PDF file which should be attached to the email.


The application materials should consist only of the following items, arranged in the order indicated below:

  1. The signed statement of accuracy (one page)
  2. The vita (not more than five pages)
  3. Summary and discussion of accomplishments in community engaged scholarship (not more than three pages)
  4. No more than three letters of support from community representatives

Nominees who submit materials that are not kept strictly within these guidelines or fail to submit all materials by email to the Faculty Association Email Address ( by the deadline will not be considered further.


The Selection Committee will consist of one elected representative from each of the five colleges, and a faculty member will be recommended by the Director of the Center for Community Based-Learning and approved by the President of the Faculty Association. Relatives and significant others of the nominee may not serve on the Selection Committee considering the nominees for an award. The Faculty Association President shall replace, by appointment, any member of the Selection Committee who cannot participate fully in the selection of the awardee; any such replacement shall be selected from the constituency represented by the member. The Faculty Association President shall convene the Committee which will elect its own Chairperson.


The Selection Committee will choose the award winners through a secret ballot vote. The Committee shall make this choice solely on the basis of the nominees' merits and without consideration for other factors such as departmental affiliation, professional rank of present nominees, or past award winners.


The Committee has the prerogative not to recommend any nominee for the award if, in the members' judgments, the nominee pool does not contain individuals whose accomplishments deserve the Outstanding Faculty Community Engaged Scholarship Award.


Community-engaged scholarship is an approach to the research process that brings together scientific inquiry and critical analysis with community-identified needs. The award recognizes those whose work with community partners has produced generalizable knowledge and has had an impact on the field and the community.


The timeline will match the timelines for the Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Awards, the Outstanding Faculty Service Awards, and the Distinguished Professor Award.