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African American Faculty & Staff Association (AAFSA)

While the term African American refers to individuals with (Black) African ancestry and American nationality, the AAFSA aims to support the needs of all individuals with Black African ancestry, regardless of nationality.


To develop a supportive network for UNF employees of African descent, provides services that meet their needs, and promotes cultural, educational, fundraising and civic activities in alignment with the academic mission of the University.


To cultivate and enhance the professional network of every UNF employee of African American descent.


  1. Enhance the university experience for UNF employees of African descent;
  2. Coordinate activities and programs;
  3. Promote effective communication throughout the University community to enhance awareness of and support the AAFSA mission;
  4. Promote networking, collaboration and camaraderie of employees of African descent;
  5. Affiliate with other organizations and affinity groups (locally, regionally, nationally and internationally) that support the mission of AAFSA;
  6. Promote the scholarly endeavors of UNF undergraduate and graduate students through a scholarship fund.