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IB Mission & Vision


The International Business Program aspires to facilitate the development of positive global citizens characterized by an understanding of the economic, political, social, cultural and environmental diversity and sustainability of the world.


The University of North Florida is dedicated to offering experiential learning opportunities to our students. All students may receive international exposure, whether that means studying abroad, participating in overseas internships, or taking classes with guest faculty members from an international partner university. In the International Business (IB) Program, we know that the collaboration between students and professors is the driving force behind transformational learning in higher education. We endeavor to give students and faculty the necessary support to take that experiential learning to a higher level, expanding opportunities globally. These experiences prepare our graduates to succeed in their careers and to enhance the Northeast Florida business community, and beyond. They become not only academically prepared but also globally and interculturally aware.


The International Business Program aims to be a resource for all students, faculty, and staff UNF by providing 

  • assistance for academic departments in creating and implementing strategic internationalization plans;
  • academic support for faculty in developing study abroad programs and internationalizing their classes;
  • facilitation and development of international faculty exchanges, including connections for joint research and teaching abroad;
  • academic and intercultural advising for domestic students participating in study abroad programs throughout their journeys;
  • support for returned students to apply the intercultural competences gained through their experience abroad into tangible skills to use in their professional careers.