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Transient Courses

What is a Transient Student?

A transient student is one who is already enrolled in one institution and temporarily enrolls in another institution to transfer credits back to their home institution.


Before pursuing transient enrollment at another institution, students must obtain approval from their UNF academic advisor, UNF Registrar's Office, UNF Financial Aid Office (see below for more info on using financial aid) and the host school online by submitting a transient student admissions application via:


Concurrent/transient student status is not allowed for most business courses unless there are extenuating circumstances that warrant an exception; see Concurrent Enrollment Policy. A Waiver of College Policy must be approved; meet with your academic advisor to discuss this process.

How to submit the transient student admissions application:

Step 1: Confirm course is being offered at the institution you plan to attend


Step 2: Create a UNF FloridaShines PIN number through myWings:

Go to your Student tab -> in the My Records box click on Student Self Service ->Student Records -> FloridaShines PIN Management (Create a PIN)


Step 3: Access the FloridaShines Transient Student Admissions Application:

Go to -> hover over the Succeed in College icon -> select Take a Course at Another School -> read the instructions and select start link -> select UNF as your Home Institution -> enter your UNF Student ID and PIN


Step 4: Complete the Transient Student Admission Application:

Read the introduction and select Next -> select Coggin College of Business as your college -> Complete the Transient Student Admissions Application

This form will be reviewed by UNF and the transient institution. You will receive email updates along the way. You can also check the status of your transient application by logging back into your FloridaShines application. After your transient form has been authorized by all parties at UNF, you will need to register and pay for the course at the transient institution.

Finally, remember to have the transient institution send their transcript to UNF after the course has been completed. Have the official transcript sent to:

UNF, Office of Admissions, 1 UNF Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32224

Financial Aid for Transient Courses

The following financial aid question appears on the transient request:


Have you been approved to receive financial aid and do you intend to use it for the requested course(s)?


Many students fill out the transient request and answer this question "yes" when it isn't necessary. When a student answers yes, the request is forwarded to the UNF Financial Aid Office, and processing time can take up to several weeks during peak times.


Follow the guidelines below to know when it is appropriate to answer "no" and help you avoid unnecessary approval queues.

  • If you have Bright Futures and are taking the course at the host school during the summer, answer no. (Bright Futures does NOT pay out in the summer.)
  • If you have Bright Futures and are taking a course at the host school during fall or spring, answer yes.
  • If you have a Pell grant and are enrolling in 12 or more credits at UNF, answer no.
  • If you have a Pell grant and are enrolling in less than 12 credits at UNF, answer yes.
  • If you only have loans and are enrolling in 6 or more credits at UNF, answer no.
  • If you have loans and are enrolling in less than 6 credits at UNF, AND are enrolling in at least 6 credits at the host school, answer yes.
  • If your financial aid is suspended (SAP), answer no.
  • If you did not file a FAFSA for the current year AND do not have Bright Futures, answer no.
  • If you have Florida Prepaid, VA benefits, Vocational Rehab, or other types of tuition assistance programs, answer no.
  • If you have a private scholarship from an outside source, answer yes.

Note: Courses taken at another institution will not be counted towards enrollment for institutional funds. These include (but are not limited to): presidential scholarships, Jacksonville Commitment, Pathways, and athletic scholarships.