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Spatial skills in Geography and GIS prepare students for a wide variety of occupations in government, business, planning, and education. The importance of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and in particular, Business GIS, has increased interest and demand for GIS and other geography courses in recent years. Student must take a minimum of 12 hours of course work in Geography at UNF. * A grade of "C" or better is required in all minor courses, including any pre-requisites. * This minor is available to any UNF major (Where allowable - see your academic advisor).

Minor Requirements (15 Credits)

  • GEO2200 Physical Geography
  • GEO2420 CD - Cultural Geography
  • GIS3043 Introduction to GIS

Select one course

  • GEO3502 Eco Geography (Prereq: Principles of Economics)
  • GEO3553 Cultural Dimensions of Eco Geography

Select one course

  • GEO3372 Conservation of Natural Resources
  • GIS4048 Intermediate GIS (Prereq: GIS 3043)
  • INR4603 International Relations (PrereqL INR 2002)
  • GEA3405 Geography of Latin America & Caribbean
  • Study Abroad (3000 - 4000 level)

* At least 12 hours must be taken at UNF. Students should apply through their academic advisor. Catalog: Fall 2012