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Alumni Spotlight

Gideon Williams, MBA

eCommerce Development, TPH (The Parts House)

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Spring 2018


As a working professional, what advice would you give incoming students?

To be fully open to understanding the working foundational components of a business. Listen and take what you feel will better prepare you for the future. Take this opportunity to be a good learner of information


What drew you to choose UNF MBA for your graduate studies?

Jacksonville is centrally located with a port, beaches, great fishing, surfing and ultimately a professional and personal lifestyle I aspired to have.


Biggest takeaway?

An improved financial understanding of a business


What have you been up to since graduation?

Recently I was introduced to David Honig, CEO of The Parts House, which provides aftermarket auto parts to the Southeast. We currently have 90+ brick and mortar locations that service customers daily. My job is to run, expand and grow the eCommerce business unit. Since joining the team 2 years ago we have seen much organic growth and everyday we are becoming a better eCommerce business unit. I also have a few business/ hobbies in fashion and real estate that I continue to evolve and grow.


What impact has UNF MBA had on your career?

It allowed me to reflect on my years post undergraduate and fully engage is the next phase of business and learning in my life. Truly a wonderful experience.


What is it like for you at your current position at TPH (The Parts House)? What do you love about your work?

My day starts with evaluating our online orders that have come from our eCommerce partnership and ensuring all locations / teams are in place to fill the order. I then look at my weekly meetings with partnership or potential new business and understand how we can improve the relationship. We are also aggressively adding our 90+ locations to the eCommerce framework, which is and will continue to be a work in progress.


What drives you? (What or who inspire you to do what you do each day?)

Since a young age, I gravitated to a competitive atmosphere, which is where I enjoyed spending most of my time. Since leaving collegiate sports, I view business as a similar challenge and my desire to succeed and be a part of building a better tomorrow is very strong.