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Prerequisites (15 credits)

Students must have completed (or be completing all prerequisites or have permission from the graduate advisor) before enrolling in other MBA coursework. If you are required to take prerequisites, you will need an override in the semester you plan to take the course.

  • ACG6005 Financial Accounting (3 Credits)
  • ECO6060 Economic Analysis (3 Credits)
  • FIN6407 Financial Management (3 Credits)
  • MAN6002 Cornerstones of Management (3 Credits)
  • MAR6055 Fundamentals of Marketing (3 Credits)

Major Requirements (27 credits)

Can be taken in any semester in which the course is offered.

  • ACG6305 Management Accounting (3 Credits)
    • Accounting majors MUST substitute ACG6309 for ACG6305.
  • ECO6415 Making Decisions with Data (3 Credits)
  • ECP6705 Economics of Business Decision (3 Credits)
  • FIN6406 Advanced Financial Management (3 Credits)
    • Co-requisite of ECO 6415
  • ISM6021 Mgmt Information Technology (3 Credits)
    • Accounting majors should substitute ACG 6405 for ISM 6021 (if CPA credit is desired).
  • MAN6296 Organizational Leadership (3 Credits)
  • MAN6501 Modeling/Management Operations (3 Credits)
    • Prerequisite ECO6415
  • MAR6805 Marketing Strategy (3 Credits)
  • MAN6726 Advanced Strategic Management (3 Credits)
    • MAN6726 is a permission only course and must be taken in your final semester. Students must have a 3.0 graduate level GPA before enrolling in MAN6726. Students must apply for MAN6726 the semester prior to the semester they plan to graduate and can only register with permission from advising. Apply on the Coggin Advising website.

Electives or Concentration (9 credits)

MBA students may use a maximum of ONE faculty -led Study Abroad at the 6000 - level in their program.


SELECT Three courses

6000 level with the listed Prefix: ACG/BUL/ECO/ECP/FIN/GEB/GEO/ISM/MAN/MAR/QMB/REE/TAX/TRA (Excluding: ACG6005, BUL6138, ECO6060, FIN6407, MAN6002, MAN6536, MAN6724, MAR6055)



Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Construction Management, International Business, Sports Management, E-Business, Logistics, Economics, Management Applications.