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MBA Concentrations

Students must make a "B" or better in all concentration classes.


All students that concentrate in accounting must substitute ACG6309 for ACG6305 and should substitute ACG6405 for ISM6021 ***Pre-requisites are strictly enforced***


SELECT Option 1

  • **(for student with an undergrad degree in accounting)** ACG6805 - Advance Acctg Theory, ACG6645 - Auditing Theory and one 6000 level - ACG or TAX course. EXCLUDING TAX6726, ACG 6005 and ACG6305.
  • SELECT option 2
  • **(if student has an undergraduate degree OTHER THAN accounting)**ACG6805 - Advance Acctg Theory, TAX6105 - Taxation of Business Corps and ACG6645 - Auditing Theory.

Construction Management

Each course is only offered once a year.

  • BCN6595 Environmental Issue Land/Const (3 Credits)
  • BCN6728 Constr Planning/Scheduling (3 Credits)
  • BCN6748 Construction Law (3 Credits)


If Study Abroad courses are chosen, these courses must have a significant e-commerce orientation to be counted toward this concentration.

  • MAN6785 E-Business Strategy (3 Credits)

SELECT two of the following

  • MAR6726 - Mktg on Internet, TRA6157 - E-Supply Chain Mgmt, MAN6875 - Entre/Venture Capital, MAN6581 (formerly MAN6026) - Project Management, MAN6959 - Study Abroad in Mgmt., MAR6959 - Study Abroad in Mrkt. (if study abroad course is, chosen, it must have a substantial E-Business orientation. Requires pre-approval), MAN 6931 - Social Media and Business Analytics

Economics and Geography

CHOOSE Three of the following

  • with prefix ECO/ECP/GEO at 6000-Level (Excluding ECO 6060)


SELECT two courses

  • from: FIN6314 - Bank & Finance Admin., FIN6515 (formerly FIN6516) - Investments, FIN6605 - International Finance, FIN 6535 - Derivative Securities, FIN6565 - Managed Investment Fund 1, FIN6566 - Managed Investment Fund 2, FIN6906 - Special work in Finance, FIN6936 - Special Topics in Finance, REE6146 - Real Property Analysis, REE6906 - Directed Independent Study, FIN6957 - Study Abroad in Finance

SELECT one course 6000-LEVEL

  • ACG/BUL/ECO/ECP/FIN/GEB/ISM/ MAN/QMB/MAR/REE/TAX/TRA (Excluding: ACG6005, BUL6138, ECO6060, FIN6407, MAN6002 MAN6536, MAN6724, MAR6055)

International Business

CHOOSE Any three (3) of the following

  • with Global or International in the title (including 1 study abroad course). Any student doing a full semester abroad (minimum 9 semester hours- 6000 level) at a Coggin College of Buisness exchange partner will automatically qualify for the Concentration regardless of the course taken. MAN6606 - Cultural Environment of Global Business, MAN6931 - Special Topics in Management, FIN6605 - International Finance, MAR6158 - International Marketing BUL6850 - Legal Aspects of International Business ECO6705 - The Global Economy MAN6067 - Global Business Ethics TRA6725 - International Logistics GEO6506 - Economic Geography & GIS TAX6505 - International Taxation ACG6957 - Study Abroad in Accounting ECO6957 - Study Abroad in Economics FIN6957 - Study Abroad in Finance GEB6957 - Study Abroad in Business MAN6957 - Study Abroad in Management MAR6957 - Study Abroad in Marketing TRA6957 - Study Abroad in Logistics


  • TRA6157 Supply Chain Management (3 Credits)
  • Must take this course (Normally offered spring)
  • SELECT any one of the following
  • TRA6216 Strategic Logistics Management (normally offered Fall)
  • TRA6725 International Logistics

SELECT any one of the following

  • ACG6309 Advanced Managerial Accounting Theory (students requiring this course in their core may not count it twice in their program)
  • MAN6581 (formerly MAN6026) Project Management
  • MAN6559 Quantitative Management Analysis
  • MAR6206 Marketing Channel Systems
  • MAR6726 Marketing on the Internet: Strategies and Programs
  • TRA6905 Directed Individual Study

Management Applications

SELECT option 1 - three courses

  • Any MAN at the 6000 level (Excluding: MAN6002, MAN6536, MAN6724 AND courses that are part of the core)

SELECT Option2 - three courses

  • TRA6157 E-Supply chaing Mgmt (normally offered Spring only) or TRA6216 Strategic Logistics (normally offered Fall only) And any MAN at the 6000 level (Excluding: MAN6002, MAN6536, MAN6724 AND any corses that are part of the core)


  • MAR6506 Consumer Behavior (3 Credits)
  • MAR6616 Marketing Research (3 Credits)
  • Prerequisite: ECO 6415 Making Decisions with Data
  • SELECT1 one course
  • SELECT any 6000 level MAR prefix course (3 credits) (Excluding: MAR6055)

Marketing Analytics

Each course is offered once a year.

  • MAR6616 Marketing Research
  • ISM6404 Applications of Buss Analytics


  • MAR6726: Digital Marketing Analytics (prerequisites: MAR 6805 or instructor permission AND ECO 6415 Decisions with Data)
  • MAR6735: Consumer Analytics (prerequisites: MAR6805 or instructor permission AND ECO6415 Decisions with Data)

Sports Management

SPM6008 foundations of Sport Management (3 hours) - to be taken if one does not have an undergraduate degree or minor in Sports Management.


SELECT 3 of the 4 courses

  • Students may take any 3 of the four courses listed below
  • SPM5206 Ethics and Issues in Sport
  • SPM5506 Sport Finance
  • SPM6106 Facilities and Risk Management
  • SPM5308 Marketing and Promotions