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Coggin College of Business Transportation and Logistics Flagship. Shots of Dames Point bridge, sea port, and railroad tracks.

Mission and Vision


The Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program shares with the University of North Florida and the Coggin College of Business its fundamental mission of providing a first-rate quality education. In its specific role, the Program fosters the intellectual growth of students within a nationally competitive Program of Distinction and is a leading source of the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the areas of logistics and supply chain management. Through excellence in teaching, scholarship, and professional service, our faculty engage individually and together with students to deliver an exemplary curriculum and student experience which emphasizes the discovery and application of knowledge.


Do you want to be part of the economic engine driving the global economy? The Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program at the University of North Florida is a leading, preeminent provider of high-quality undergraduate, graduate, and executive education in the areas of logistics and supply chain management education. Through a diverse array of relevant and distinctive teaching, scholarship, and professional activities, the Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program will be a leader of national record, establishing a curriculum which prepares students for opportunities in the ever-expanding, dynamic and vibrant logistics industry.

Program's Goals and Founding Values

The Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program promotes teaching and scholarly activities that are responsive to, and engaged with, significant issues within the local, regional, national and international communities which embrace the University of North Florida. The T&L Flagship Program emphasizes individuality of students' experience though its small class sizes, individualized attention, and fosters personal growth. The Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program cultivates a learning environment that fosters experiential learning through student-corporate interaction, emphasizing and the value of building professional networks early in the students' academic experience. The T&L Flagship Program affirms the university's civic engagement and community-based focus through its numerous corporate partnerships with local and regional transportation and logistics firms and its location in Jacksonville, a major distribution hub with extensive access to rail, air, maritime, and highway transportation as well as warehousing and international logistics.