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Marketing Program

Marketing is what strikes a chord in customers' hearts and minds to captivate them.

Marketing is one of the broadest fields in business. Marketing provides soft and hard skills to create, communicate, deliver and exchange value for customers, clients and partners. Marketing provides the ideas and practical experience that help students learn how to create compelling products and campaigns that strike a chord in customers' hearts and minds to captivate them. Our faculty are dedicated to excellence in teaching and will help you understand why consumers buy the things they do, shopping habits in other countries, and even how products are priced. You will learn to decide if a product will sell well; study past advertising campaigns to see why they succeeded -- or failed; and pretend you have a new product to sell and research the real-life competitors.

Who should pursue a Marketing Degree?

This is a dynamic major that combines both creative ability and analytical skills. There's a home in the marketing major for all types: The techie, the creative, the psychologist, the people person, the writer, the social media addict-and increasingly, the analytical. That's because Marketing is one of the broadest fields in business and a Marketing degree can give you the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to work in nearly any industry that exists today. Marketing is an important part of any business plan after all!

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