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Honors in Marketing

About the Program


To better prepare and serve our growing number of exceptional marketing students, the UNF Marketing and Logistics department has created the Honors in Marketing Program. This program:

  • Extends and enhances the experience of our most exceptional students.
  • Provides real-world opportunities for experiential learning through professional internships.
  • Builds and supports ongoing relationships with regional businesses.
  • Increases employment opportunities for marketing students.


The program consists of all courses currently required to graduate with a marketing degree. In addition, through enrollment in electives the program expands students’ knowledge, skills, and engagement through a professional internship, an honors course, and a service component. Successful completion of the program earns “Honors in Marketing” on the student’s transcript.

Requirements for Graduating with Honors in the Marketing Program

To receive honors in marketing, the following requirements must be met prior to graduation.


  1. An overall GPA or UNF GPA (whichever is higher) of 3.5 or higher.
  2. Completed all courses required to graduate with a marketing degree, including completion of the required honors course and internship course with a B or better.
  3. Active member of an approved business club for at least two semesters. Approved clubs include UNF Sales Club, UNF AMA, Jacksonville AMA, Women and Business, or other general business club as approved by the honors program committee.
  4. Completion of 100 hours of an approved service activity. Approved activities include serving as a tutor, a student mentor, or another on- or off-campus service activity with a not-for-profit as approved by the honors program committee.
  5. Completion of a paid, professional honors internship or a research-based directed independent study (if student’s career path is to seek a doctorate). The honors program will provide interview opportunities for the honors internships.

Application Process

The honors in marketing program uses an interview-based selection process. All applicants must have an overall or UNF GPA (whichever is higher) of at least 3.5 and will have completed or be enrolled in Principles of Marketing (MAR 3023) and have or will conclude the course with at least an “A-”. During the application process you may request an exception to one or more of these criteria, download a sample of the application form here. To apply, submit your application and answer questions below. If you have questions or would like to contact the program, please email

  1. Your Name and N#.
  2. Confirm you are a declared marketing major with at least two non-summer semesters left at UNF not counting the semester in which you are applying to this program. This helps ensure you have the ability to complete all parts of the program prior to graduation.
  3. Affirm you meet (or will meet by next semester) the GPA requirements of an overall GPA or UNF GPA (whichever is higher) of 3.5 or higher. You do not need to report your actual GPA, just affirm your GPA meets the minimum required.
  4. Affirm you have completed, or are enrolled and will complete, Principles of Marketing (MAR 3023) with at least an “A-” prior to admission into the program. You may be enrolled in MAR 3023 during the application process, but acceptance to the program will be pending completion of MAR 3023 with at least an A-.
  5. Attach your résumé and provide, in 100 words or fewer, a paragraph demonstrating your “well roundedness” through extracurricular activities showing your interests in more than one area. The honors in marketing program seeks students who are multi-faceted, not just highly qualified in a single dimension.
  6. Provide a written statement (400 words) that describes what experience or motivation led you to major in marketing and of how you expect to contribute to the program and to the company offering you an internship.


After receipt of your application, all qualified applicants will be reviewed by the program committee and prioritized based on the information provided in the application and relevant UNF records. Higher ranking applicants will then be interviewed. Interviews are granted to a number of students defined by the honors program committee and may vary over time.


Based on the application and interviews, well-qualified applicants will be invited to join the honors program. If the committee does not assess there are a sufficient number of qualified applicants, not all openings will be filled.


At the end of the interview process, the program coordinator communicates the results back to applicants and, if requested, will provide in-person feedback on the applicant’s submission. Students may reapply for the program but may only reapply once.


  • Mon, Oct 12, 2020—Application system open.
  • Sun, Oct 25, 2020—Application to program is due.
  • Wed, Oct 28, 2020—Interviewees selected and notified.
  • Mon, Nov 02, 2020—Interviews completed and notifications sent during this week.
  • Mon, Nov 09, 2020—Honors candidates register for Honors in Marketing Course.

About the Internship

Each honors candidate will complete a paid professional internship lasting at least one semester. The internships are coordinated by the honors in marketing program and are likely to be with a local company. Students may complete an internship in another location, but the internship must meet the following requirements and be approved by the honors program committee prior to the student starting the internship. Past internships do not qualify. If the student currently works in a role similar to a qualified internship, the honors program committee will work with the student’s manager to define a suitable honors internship project.


To qualify as an honors-in-marketing internship the internship must be:

  • Equivalent to at least 12 hours a week for a full semester (16 weeks) for a total of at least 192 hours with no more than 20 hours in a given week if the student is in school.
  • Paid at least minimum wage. Non-paid or volunteer activities would not count toward this internship but may qualify for the service component of the program.
  • Consist of primarily professional activites (not clerical).
  • Related to marketing, which includes, but is not necessarily limited to, activities in sales, product design or assessment, advertising or promotion including social media, pricing analysis, logistics or supply chain design or assessment, any form of market research including competitive analysis, market or marketing data analysis.
  • A series of assessable tasks or project, which is the basis of the internship course grade.

About the Service Component

Each honors candidate will complete a service project of at least 100 hours, which may, or may not, be marketing related. All service activities must be approved by the program committee with typical examples including serving as a tutor, a student mentor, or another on- or off-campus service activity with a not-for-profit as approved by the honors program committee.

Not-for-profits may request honors student(s) for a project by emailing the honors program at We encourage marketing-, student-, or underprivileged-related activities, but any not-for-profit serving the community at large is welcome. The program maintains a list of recognized not-for-profits from which students choose the activity that best meets their schedule and other commitments.