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Aspire Initiative

About the Initiative

To better prepare and serve our growing number of exceptional marketing students, the UNF Marketing and Logistics department has created the Aspire initiative to:

  • Extend and enhance the experience of excelling students.
  • Provide real-world opportunities for experiential learning through professional internships, case projects, and service opportunities.
  • Build and support ongoing relationships with regional businesses.
  • Increase employment opportunities for marketing students.

Aspire students complete all courses required to graduate with a marketing degree and, through the elective Aspire course, build knowledge and skills sought by hiring managers. Successful completion of the Aspire course (B or better), earns the student invitations to Marketing Advisory Council (MAC) meetings and the opportunity to complete marketing case projects and internships with area companies.

Application Requirements and Process

Aspire uses an interview-based selection process. All applicants must have:

  • an overall or UNF GPA (whichever is higher) of at least 3.2 with at least 12 hours completed at UNF.
  • completed or be enrolled in Principles of Marketing (MAR 3023) and have or will conclude the course with at least a “B.”
  • at least two non-summer semesters before graduation.

During the application process you may request an exception to one or more of these criteria.


To apply, submit your application, answering questions below. You can get more information about Aspire on the FAQ page or contact us at

  1. Your Name and N#.
  2. Confirm you are a declared marketing major with at least two non-summer semesters left at UNF not counting the semester in which you are applying.
  3. Affirm you have an overall GPA or UNF GPA (whichever is higher) of 3.2 or higher. You do not need to report your actual GPA, just affirm your GPA meets this requirement.
  4. Affirm you have completed, or are enrolled and will complete, Principles of Marketing (MAR 3023 or equivalent) with at least a “B.” You may be enrolled in MAR 3023 during the application process, but acceptance to Aspire will be contingent on completion of MAR 3023 with at least a “B.”
  5. Attach your résumé and provide, in 100 words or fewer, a paragraph demonstrating your “well roundedness” through extracurricular activities showing your interests in more than one area. Aspire seeks students who are multi-faceted, not just highly qualified in a single dimension. See sample application (link below) for more instructions.
  6. Provide a written statement (400 words) that describes what experience or motivation led you to major in marketing and how you expect to contribute to others in Aspire and to a company where you may have an internship.

Download a sample application form for detailed instructions.


After receipt of your application, all qualified applicants will be reviewed by the Honors Committee and prioritized based on the information provided in the application and academic records. Higher ranking applicants will then be interviewed. Interviews are granted to a number of students defined by the Honors Committee on a space available basis.


Based on the application and interviews, well-qualified applicants will be invited to join Aspire. If the committee determines there are insufficient qualified applicants, not all openings will be filled.


At the end of the interview process, the head of the Aspire Initiative communicates results to applicants and, if requested, will provide in-person feedback on the applicant’s submission. Students may reapply but may only reapply once.



  • Mon, Sep 06, 2021—Application system opens.
  • Fri, Oct 15, 2021—Application deadline.
  • Fri, Oct 29, 2021—Interviewees selected and notified.
  • Fri, Nov 05, 2021—Interviews completed, Aspire students selected and notified.
  • Mon, Nov 15, 2021—Aspire students register for Special Topics: Aspire course.

Apply Now

About the Internship

Each Aspire student may complete a professional internship. Students may complete an internship in any location around the world, but the internship should meet the following requirements and be approved by the Head of Aspire prior to the student starting the internship. We recommend these criteria to help ensure Aspire students receive meaningful, professional work experience related to their career path.


Qualified internships should be:

  • At least 200 hours, which is equivalent to 12.5 hours a week for a full semester (16 weeks). Total hours can be in any combination (e.g., 20 hours a week for 10 weeks), but students should not work more than 20 hours a week if enrolled full time in college courses. Students may start and end an internship across semesters, so may start anytime the company needs and the student’s schedule allows.
  • Paid at least minimum wage.
  • Consist of primarily professional activities (not clerical).
  • Related to marketing, which includes, but is not necessarily limited to, activities in sales, product design or assessment, advertising or promotion including social media, pricing analysis, logistics or supply chain design or assessment, any form of market research including competitive analysis and marketing data analysis.
  • A series of assessable tasks or project, which forms the basis of the internship course grade.
  • Hiring manager completes a survey-based assessment of the student at the end of the internship.

Organizations may request Aspire student(s) for an internship by emailing

About the Service Component

To gain relevant work experience, Aspire students may also complete a service project of at least 100 hours, which should be marketing related. All career-related service activities should be approved by the Aspire Initiative head.


Not-for-profits may request Aspire student(s) for a project by emailing We encourage marketing- or business-related activities. Aspire maintains a list of recognized not-for-profits from which students can choose based on the mission and activity that best meets their schedule and career interests.

Aspire Students

Aspire students are selected from the top ten percent of our marketing majors. They have completed additional in-depth training preparing them for work in a professional environment, building their technical and “soft” skills, and focusing their career on areas of interest that take advantage of their strengths. See the current list of Aspire students here.