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Undergraduate Management Minors

Business Management Minor

The Business Management Minor is a wonderful complement to any major field of study. Requiring just 12 additional hours, the Business Management Minor is open to non-business majors enabling students to incorporate the minor into just about any major field of study with ease. Whether you’re preparing to practice medicine or law, interested in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) disciplines, or simply trying to diversify your business acumen, understanding the fundamentals of Management will be an invaluable addition to your major skillset and should increase your job prospects.


View the Business Management Minor curriculum.


Looking to start a business, purchase a franchise, or take over a family business? The Undergraduate Entrepreneurship minor is open to students from any discipline or major who want to translate their ideas into innovative solutions that address societal needs. Students will acquire the skills needed to develop or participate in new ventures through experiential learning. Students will also learn how to be creative, adaptive thinkers which is a skill set that can be utilized in any organizational setting whether it is a corporation or small business.

Interested? Check out the requirements for the Entrepreneurship Minor.

Human Resources Management

More so now than ever, organizations are recognizing the importance of the Human Resource Management function to the bottom line. Regardless of your career path, you will interface with the human resource management function of an organization either as an employer, manager, or employee. The Undergraduate HRM Minor will equip you with the skills needed to recruit and hire employees strategically, reward employees for performance and retention, deal with the “sticky” issues of employee relations, and help you stay current with trends and issues in the HR world that effect your workplace. Completing an HR minor opens a pathway to well-paying employment opportunities in a variety of steadily growing fields, such as corporate training, employee relations, and HR specialties in compensation, selection, or diversity. Since HR is an ever-evolving field, HR also provides opportunity for personal growth and advancement as new strategies, technologies and skills are learned and improved upon. More importantly, HR will provide you an avenue to make an impact in your organization or entrepreneurial venture.

Still not convinced? Here are the Top 5 Reasons to choose an HR minor:

  1. Skills are transferable across industries. The skills you learn in HR apply to basically all industries, from small entrepreneurial ventures to large corporations and government agencies, which broadens your opportunity for employment.
  2. You can make a difference. Products and services can be replicated, but people are the source of competitive advantage. As a member of an HR team, you will have the chance to influence the corporation’s strategy and competitiveness through selection, compensation, and training activities.
  3. Career progression. HR provides many opportunities for growth. Starting out as a specialist or generalist will give you opportunities to be involved in a variety of activities that often lead to leadership opportunities in the future.
  4. HR employment opportunities are expected to grow. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in HR is expected to increase over the next 10 years, providing employment opportunities.
  5. Salaries are above average for good HR employees. According to, the U.S. median annual salary for HR Specialists is $60,350 with median salaries in the Jacksonville, FL area of $52,000.

Take a look at more details about the requirements of the HRM Minor.