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Study Abroad Opportunities

Studying Abroad Broadens Your Horizons

Our world is increasingly interconnected, and it has become imperative that individuals in management positions have experience working with people of different cultures. Nearly three-fourths of all S&P 500 companies today report some kind of international revenue. To that end, our study abroad programs are specifically designed to give management majors the intercultural skills they need to be competitive on the job market. The Management Faculty lead a number of exciting study abroad opportunities that allow students to receive course credit towards the management major and/or minor. Some study abroad opportunities even include paid internship opportunities!

University students who study overseas tend to have higher GPAs, higher four-year graduation rates, and higher salaries upon graduation. Whether you spend nine days, nine weeks, or an entire semester studying management abroad, you will have the opportunity to gain all of these benefits as you attain the skills necessary to succeed in the modern workplace. You get all of this, while embarking on one of the most transformational, consequential, memorable adventures of a lifetime.

Learn more about the numerous study abroad options available through the Coggin College of Business.

Student Testimonials

"One lesson that I took from my semester in Alicante was that, in order to grow, you must push yourself out of your comfort zone. That lesson has stuck with me and is the driving force behind what I am doing with my life today.”
- David, Major: Management; Semester in Alicante, Spain.

“I come from a very humble beginning, where most people consider it a big deal to leave the state for travel, let alone half a year to study in another country. While living in France I was enlightened about different cultures, values, and customs that cannot be taught in a textbook. After this memorable and life changing experience, I came back to the states more motivated than ever. I created a non-profit student organization, won UNF's homecoming queen, and landed a successful career with Johnson and Johnson.”
-Tabitha, Double Major: Management & Marketing: semester in France.