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Minor in Geography

The Department of Economics and Geography has been named such since its creation when the university was founded in the early 1970s. The geography courses offered provide and continue to provide geographic (spatial) education in a supportive way offering courses fulfilling required, or elective elements for other programs in related disciplines and colleges. In the Coggin College of Business, Geography courses support the BBA and BA in Economics; the BBA in International Business and the BBA Real Estate Track in the Department of Accounting and Finance. Geography courses support the International Studies program in COAS and one course counts toward the General Education Cultural Diversity requirement. In addition, Geography courses contribute to programs in the College of Education.


The importance of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and in particular, Business GIS, has increased interest and demand for GIS and other geography courses in recent years. Spatial skills in Geography and GIS prepare students for a wide variety of occupations in government, business, planning, and education. Geography programs are offered at every other institution in Florida and the creation of a minor in Geography at UNF will fill a hole that has been in existence for many years.


The creation of the minor is a complement to the programs currently in place in the Coggin College of Business. Both the UNF Flagship initiatives in the college: International Business and Transportation and Logistics will benefit from the skills learned by students enrolled in economic geography courses and GIS courses. The newly formed Center for Economic and GIS Research in the Department of Economics and Geography will also benefit from students trained in Economic Geography and GIS.



  • Please see an advisor for an OFFICIAL program of study. This program is pending evaluation of official transcripts.
  • You must complete prerequisites before registering for any course. Refer to the Course Catalog for details.
  • At least 6 semester hours of upper-level course work in geography must be taken at UNF.
  • A grade of "C" or better is required in all minor courses, including prerequisites.

Minor: Geography (15 credits)

* Student must take a minimum of 12 hours of course work in Geography at UNF. * A grade of "C" or better is required in all minor courses, including any pre-requisites. * This minor is available to any UNF major (where allowable - see your academic advisor).

  • GEO2200 Physical Geography (3 Credits)
  • GEO2420 CD- Cultural Geography (3 Credits)
  • GIS3043 Introduction to GIS (3 Credits)
  • CHOOSE one course
    • GEO3502 or GEO3553
  • SELECT one course
    • GEO3372, GEA3405, GIS4048, ANT4492, INR4603, GEO4956, ECO4956, ACG4956, FIN4956, MAN4956, MAR4956, TRA4956 or TAX4956