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Meet the Professors

Lian An headshot

Lian An

Professor of Economics

Education: Ph.D., University of Kentucky

Areas of Expertise: International Finance, Monetary Economics

Contact Information: (904) 620-3962 • Building 42, Room 3111


Lian An graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Ph.D. in economics. Her research area is in international economics with focus on exchange rate. She has a wide range of publications in prestigious economics journals including Review of International Economics and Open Economics Journal. She is actively involved in international education and has been leading students to study abroad in China since 2013. In the past few years, she was invited as a guest professor to Beijing International Studies University, Southwestern University of Nationality, Dongbei University of Economics and Finance and others. Full Bio

Mina Baliamoune headshot

Mina Baliamoune

Professor of Economics

Education: Ph.D., Northeastern University

Areas of Expertise: International Economics, Macroeconomics, Economic Policy, Growth and Development

Contact Information: (904) 620-1223 • Building 42, Room 3135


Mina Baliamoune-Lutz is Richard de Raismes Kip Professor of Business Administration and UNF's 2012 Distinguished Professor. She is a Kip Fellow of Economics (2010-2013) and holds an MBA and a Ph.D. in economics from Northeastern University. She has been at UNF since fall 2000, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in Macroeconomics, International Trade, The Global Economy, Economic Policy, and various study abroad courses. Her publications appeared in high-quality journals, including the highest-ranking journal on African Economics, and she is ranked among the top economists in Florida.


Her empirical work on the effect of policy and institutional reforms in Africa has received significant national and international recognition. She is a regular contributor to research themes debated at the United Nations World Institute of Development Economics in Helsinki, United Nations Economic Conference on Africa, African Development Bank and the European Report on Development. She has an extensive record of service to the national and international community and to the economics profession. She has served as president-elect and president (2012-2014) of the African Finance and Economics Association (AFEA), associate editor of the Journal of African Development, the Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, and Information Technology for Development (from 2005 to present). She also served on the editorial board of Feminist Economics, the Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, and the Journal of Business and Accounting, and on the board of directors of the Eastern Economic Association. Full Bio

Christopher Baynard headshot

Christopher Baynard

Associate Professor of Geography

Education: Ph.D., University of Florida

Areas of Expertise: Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Analysis

Contact Information: (904) 620-1243 • Building 42, Room 3230


Chris Baynard joined the Coggin College of Business in 2008, where he teaches courses in GIS and economic, cultural and physical geography. Other classes include graduate-level Economic Geography and GIS, as well as Intermediate GIS and Introductory Remote Sensing, offered as directed independent study courses. He has developed and led study abroad courses focused on the wine industry in Argentina and Chile, alternative energy and sustainability in Holland, Germany, Spain (and Florida), as well as the mining industry in Chile (and Florida).


His research on the oil and gas industry has generated academic and industry papers and resulted in presentations at international conferences and corporate meetings. Other research areas include earthquakes and injection wells in the central U.S. and the nuclear testing legacy in southern Nevada - environmental and social effects. His service contributions include serving as the director of the Center for Sustainable Business Practices (CSBP), the co-director of the Center for Economic and GIS Research (CEGR), and a board member of UNF’s Environmental Center. Full Bio

Mary Beal headshot

Mary Beal

Associate Instructor of Economics

Education: Ph.D., Florida State University

Areas of Expertise: Real Estate & Housing Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Contact Information: (904) 620-3712 • Building 42, Room 3403


Mary Beal earned her M.S. and Ph.D. in economics from Florida State University in 2007 following a B.A. in both economics and physics from the University of Virginia. She has taught Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Special Topics on Real Estate Economics and Economics & Business Statistics at the undergraduate level. She has also taught Economic Analysis, Making Decisions with Data, and Economics of Business Decisions at the graduate level. She is an applied microeconomist that uses regression analysis as her primary analytical tool to research a wide variety of issues including labor, real estate, education, and student loan debt. Full Bio

Chiradip Chatterjee headshot

Chiradip Chatterjee

Assistant Professor of Economics

Education: Ph.D., Florida International University

Areas of Expertise: Environmental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics

Contact Information: (904) 620-5354 • Building 42, Room 3405


Chiradip Chatterjee holds a Ph.D. in economics from Florida International University. He has taught Business and Economics Statistics, Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Applied Macroeconomics, Introduction to Environmental Economics, International Trade, Industrial Organization, Game Theory, Introduction to Economic Analysis and Economics of Business Decisions. His research focuses on environmental and natural resource economics and interdisciplinary approaches in addressing complex environmental issues. He is interested in understanding the human dimensions of environmental changes and mitigation of natural hazards and disasters. Full Bio

Sharon Cobb headshot

Sharon Cobb

Professor of Geography

Education: Ph.D., University of Florida

Areas of Expertise: Economic Geography, Geography of Finance, E-commerce, Economic Development & Planning

Contact Information: (904) 620-1222 • Building 42, Room 3133


Sharon Cobb joined the UNF Department of Economics and Geography in 1998. During her time at UNF, she has served as the accreditation and assessment director in the Coggin College of Business as well as the academic director for the International Business program. Prior to joining UNF, she served as an adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University and an instructor at James Madison University in Virginia. Full Bio

Jan Duggar headshot

Jan Duggar

Visiting Instructor of Economics

Education: Ph.D., Florida State University

Areas of Expertise: International Economics, Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics

Contact Information: (904) 620-5464


Jan Duggar is a monetary economist by training and started his teaching career at Louisiana State University. He was an associate professor when he left LSU to become the research director for Gulf South Research Institute in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He later established his own consulting firm and worked as a financial and management consultant for 17 years. In 1989, he returned to teaching at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette (UL Lafayette) where he was appointed as a professor of finance.


In 1990, he was asked to serve as the dean of the College of Business at UL Lafayette. After gaining AACSB accreditation, he moved to Seattle University. Since then, he has served as dean at Arkansas State University, Jacksonville University, and Holy Family University. He has served as a director and corporate secretary of a bank and as board member of an insurance holding company. He also served as a Peace Corp volunteer to Ethiopia and as a visiting economist to the New York Federal Reserve Bank in New York. His research interests include the supply and demand for commercial airline pilots, quality of earnings of multinational firms, and corporate cultures of integrity. Full Bio

Andres Gallo headshot

Andres Gallo

Professor of Economics

Education: Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Areas of Expertise: International Economics, Economic Development, Institutional Economics, Political Economy, Law and Economics, International Business

Contact Information: (904) 620-1694 • Building 10, Room 2101


Andres Gallo specializes in international economics issues, with focus on Latin America and economic development. He has written more than 30 research papers and participated in numerous conferences as presenter and speaker. He has focus on the political economy of property rights in diverse areas, including the U.S. patent system, biotechnology and property rights in the context of economic development. He has applied econometric techniques to address different issues in these areas of research. His teaching expertise includes international economics, econometrics, economic development, study abroad and Latin American economics. He has taught in several universities around the world and has led several study abroad courses to Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Guatemala, Spain and Ghana. Currently, he is the director of the International Business Flagship program. Full Bio

Yirgalem Habremariam headshot

Yirgalem Habtemariam

Part-Time Instructor of Geography

Education: Ph.D., Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Areas of Expertise: Geographic Information Systems, Urbanization and Environmental Impacts, Cultural Geography, Economic Geography

Contact Information: (904) 620-2640


Yirgalem Habtemariam has been involved in many teaching and research activities both in Africa and the USA. In 2013, he began serving as supervisor at the University of South Africa. He also served as an assistant professor at Addis Ababa University in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 2008-2012. Prior to this, he was a geospatial expert for the Ethiopian Mapping Authority. He served as an assistant professor at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan from 2012-2013. In additional to his role at UNF, he is a special education expert at Duval County Public schools. Full Bio

Chung-Ping A Loh headshot

Chung-Ping Albert Loh

Associate Dean for Faculty, Administration, and Research & Professor of Economics

Education: Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Areas of Expertise: Health Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics

Contact Information: (904) 620-1227 • Building 42, Room 2012


Chung-Ping (Albert) Loh holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In addition to his primary role, he is also the Director of Local Economic Indicators Project (LEIP) at UNF. He has taught Health Economics and Policy, Econometrics, Business and Economics Statistics, Managerial Economics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Principles of Microeconomics, Economics of Business Decision, and Making Decisions with Data. His research interests include the economic modeling of health behavior, health care utilization, health outcome, cost and benefit analysis, program evaluation, health tourism, and other applied microeconomics topics. He is an active faculty member in the International Business program and has led numerous study abroad trips over the years. Full Bio

Nilufer Ozdemir headshot

Nilufer Ozdemir

Assistant Professor of Economics

Education: Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Areas of Expertise: Macroeconomics, Money and Banking, Applied Econometrics, International Finance

Contact Information: (904) 620-5434 • Building 42, Room 3103


Nilufer Ozdemir is originally from Turkey. Before she came to the United States to pursue her Ph.D., she worked at the Central Bank of Turkey. After receiving her Ph.D., she started teaching at the University of Mississippi. She joined the UNF Coggin College of Business in 2017. Her research interests are in the areas of money, banking, macroeconomics and international finance. She has taught various courses including Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Money and Banking, Principles of Macroeconomics, as well as Monetary Economics and Intermediate Macroeconomics. Full Bio

Harriet Stranahan headshot

Harriet Stranahan

Professor of Economics

Education: Ph.D., University of Washington

Areas of Expertise: Labor Economics, Public Finance, Applied Econometrics

Contact Information: (904) 620-1219 • Building 42, Room 3115


Harriet Stranahan's courses include graduate and undergraduate Business Statistics, Principles of Microeconomics, Labor Economics and Public Finance. She has led several study abroad courses to Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Italy and South Africa. Her research has appeared in well recognized economics journals including Contemporary Economic Policy, National Tax Journal, Journal of Public Finance and Journal of Economics of Education. She is very active in the business community providing expert consulting assistance with projects including economic impact analysis, return on investment, and value of life analysis. Full Bio

Russell E. Triplett headshot

Russell E. Triplett

Interim Department Chair & Associate Professor of Economics

Education: Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Areas of Expertise: International Economics, Applied Econometrics, Political Economy

Contact Information: (904) 620-5248 • Building 42, Room 3018


Russell Triplett joined the Coggin College of Business as a full-time faculty member in 2014. Previously he taught economics as a visiting faculty member at UNF, Stetson University (DeLand, FL) and Elon University (Elon, NC). His primary research interests are in international trade, development, and finance, with special focus on the political economy of U.S. trade policy. He regularly teaches courses in international economics, microeconomic theory, and statistics. Full Bio

Madeline Zavodny headshot

Madeline Zavodny

Professor of Economics

Education: Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Areas of Expertise: Immigration, Labor Economics, Economic Demography, Applied Microeconomics

Contact Information: (904) 620-5224 • Building 42, Room 3206


In addition to her role at UNF, Madeline Zavodny is a research fellow at the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA), a fellow at the Global Labor Organization, and an adjunct scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. Much of her research focuses on economic issues related to immigration, including Beside the Golden Door: U.S. Immigration Reform in a New Era of Globalization (AEI Press, 2010) and The Economics of Immigration (Routledge, 2015). Her research on immigration has also been published in the Journal of Labor Economics, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management and Demography, among others. Before joining UNF, she was a professor of economics at Agnes Scott College and Occidental College and an economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from MIT and a B.A. in Economics from Claremont McKenna College. Full Bio