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Business Intelligence Program

The Coggin College of Business is very excited to announce the Business Intelligence Program, starting in the Fall of 2021.


The program prepares students for a career path centered on the development of business solutions based on the collection, integration, and analysis of the collected information. Where information systems place a greater emphasis on tools, business intelligence takes a data-driven approach, using statistics and data modeling to develop new business insights. This blend of technology and business makes it an ideal study option for anyone with an interest in those areas. The department of Management surveyed local business and found there is a strong demand, similar to the national demand, for business intelligence training. Typical jobs of the program graduates include business analyst, systems analyst, information systems manager, and data intelligence.

Who should pursue a Business Intelligence Degree?

Technology is part of every business and the skills learned in the Business Intelligence program will help you to succeed in any industry. Some people are intimidated by technology, and while a background or interest in technology might help, don’t let it stop you from finding out more, because the courses are designed for people of different skill levels.


The program will cover topics such as analytics, technical skills, critical thinking, problem solving, information technology administration and management. A common question about this degree is if it requires computer programming, and the answer is no. There are no coding/programming classes required. However, it does require learning about different computing hardware and software applications, and learning how to work with people involved with the software development processes.


If you are interested, please reach out to the Coggin Undergraduate Advising office or visit our Contact page for the program’s faculty representative.