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Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program


The support of the local business community, inauguration of the LITSLAB, Flagship Program designation and Jacksonville's geographic advantage, have placed the UNF Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program among the best in the nation.

UNF placed 14th in number of articles published in seven prominent logistics journals according to research published in the Journal of Business Logistics (2010).
Placed in the top 25 nationally regarding institutional thought leadership in the discipline by the Journal of Supply Chain Management (Spring 2007), based on its past 40 years of publications.
The Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) awarded the UNF Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program an unrestricted annual gift of $50,000 guaranteed for three years. UNF is one of only 7 universities to achieve this distinction.
Boasting the only Logistics Information Technology Solutions Lab in the Southeast, the UNF program offers students an opportunity to learn about state-of-the-art supply chain tools and solutions. UNF’s LITSLAB is one of the best-equipped university labs of its kind in the nation with software donations valued at $1.3 million.
Program graduates are automatically CTL certified (upon application, by blanket waiver) through APICS – recognition of curriculum quality granted to only 30 programs nationwide.

Our Program has received considerable state, national and international recognition.

  • Transportation & Logistics was established as an undergraduate degree program in 1972 when the University of North Florida opened its doors.
  • The Florida Board of Regents selected the UNF Transportation and Logistics Program as one of the initial five programs to receive the Florida Legislature's “Program of Distinction” emphasis within the State University System.
  • The Board of Regents designated the program as one of the state university system's “Centers of Excellence.”
  • In 2006, the Transportation and Logistics Program as well as the International Business Program were designated University of North Florida Flagship Programs by President John A. Delaney.
  • Currently there are 278 undergraduate students majoring in Transportation & Logistics.


Transportation and Logistics Society 

The Transportation & Logistics Society is a student organization with interest in transportation and logistics. The club provides ample opportunities for students to network with professional and industry leaders. In addition, the student led club was selected club of the year among 170 registered student organizations in 2003, 2008, 2009 and 2013.

Learn more... 

Jacksonville – “Americas Logistics Center”

As a growing leader in logistics and international commerce, the Jacksonville region provides opportunities for students to gain practical experience. Program faculty and staff have built relationships with firms such as CEVA Logistics, Crowley, CSX, Landstar, Suddath, Southeast Toyota Distributors, Stein Mart, Target, Total Military Management, Corporate Traffic, Yusen Logistics, Volkswagen, and McKesson Medical and Surgical, just to name a few. Jacksonville is a major distribution hub with extensive access to rail, air, maritime and highway transportation as well as warehousing and international logistics. CSX, CEVA Logistics, Crowley Maritime, Landstar System, Inc., Stein Mart, and the Suddath Companies all have major corporate facilities on the First Coast.



The content and quality the UNF Transportation and Logistics Program curriculum offers qualifies graduates for the APICS certification (CTL) blanket waiver, a designation given to only 30 academic affiliates nationwide. The UNF curriculum emphasizes the perspective of logistics as an integrated part of Supply Chain Management. Students are exposed to courses in information systems, quantitative methods, transportation, warehouse management, distribution, international logistics, logistics management, subsystems, and a Capstone in Supply Chain Management. Students are encouraged to complete a semester long internship opportunity or work part-time with a company engaged in logistics and/or supply chain management to provide practical experience and opportunities to apply their education to problems and issues in business.


  • Please see an advisor for an OFFICIAL program of study. This program is pending evaluation of official transcripts.
  • You must complete prerequisites before registering for any course. Refer to the Course Catalog for details.
  • View the My Osprey Map [Course Sequence Guide] to keep on track for graduation – should be used in consultation with an academic advisor after admission to UNF.
  • The Cultural Diversity course should be chosen from the approved list.
  • A student may receive credit for a course only once. However, the GPA will reflect all repeated courses.
  • This program is subject to a student fully admitted into the Coggin College of Business.
  • An approved dual enrollment form is required prior to registering for courses at another institution. Students are not allowed to enroll in courses at another institution during their last semester at UNF.



Prerequisites (21 credits)

21 semester hours are required. Grade of "C" or better is required in all prerequisites

  • ACG2021 Prin of Financial Accounting (3 Credits)
    • Acceptable Substitute: ACGX021, ACGX022 or (ACGX001 & ACGX011)
  • ACG2071 Prin Managerial Accounting (3 Credits)
    • Acceptable substitute: (2-3 credit hours) ACGX071, ACGX072 or ACGX301
  • CGS1100 Computer Applications for Busi (3 Credits)
    • Acceptable substitute: (3-4 hours) BULX241, BULX131, CGSX100, CGSX530, CGSX570, CGSX060, CGSX092, CGSX531, CGSX000, CGSX100C, GEBX350, ISMX000 MANX440 or PHIX600 (or demonstrated competency)
  • ECO2013 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 Credits)
    • Acceptable substitute: ECOX013
  • ECO2023 Principles of Microeconomics (3 Credits)
    • Aceptable substitute: ECOX023
  • MAC2233 (GM)Calculus for Business (3 Credits)
    • Acceptable substitute: (3-4 credit hours) MACX233, MACX230 MACX311 or MACX281
  • STA2023 (GM) Elem Statistics-Business (3 Credits)
    • Acceptable substitute: (3-4 credit hours) STAX023, STA122, STAX024, STA032, STAX037, QMBX100, EGSX025 or ESIX213


Core Requirements (18 credits)

18 semester hours are required. A grade of "C" or better is required in all core courses. MAN4720 is taken in a student's last semester. FIN3403, MAN3025, & MAR3023 must be completed prior to taking MAN4720.

  • BUL3130 Legal Environment of Business (3 Credits)
  • FIN3403 Financial Management (3 Credits)
  • MAN3025 Administrative Management (3 Credits)
  • MAR3023 Principles of Marketing (3 Credits)
  • MAN3504 Operations Management (3 Credits)
  • MAN4720 Strategic Mgmt Business Policy (3 Credits)
    • You must pre-apply at for MAN4720.


Major Requirements (18 credits)

18 semester hours are required. Grade of C or better is required in all major coursework. *TRA courses are generally not offered in the summer.*

  • MAN4550 Introduction to Mngmt Science (3 Credits)
  • TRA3035 Foundations of Transportation (3 Credits)
  • TRA4155 Supply Chain Management (3 Credits)
  • TRA4202 Logistics Systems Management (3 Credits)
  • TRA4210 Logistics Subsystems Analysis (3 Credits)
  • TRA4721 International Logistics (3 Credits)


Major Electives (9 credits)

Grade of "C" or better required in major electives.

  • SELECT Two Courses: TRA Electives
    • TRA 4132 Purchasing Management, TRA4139 Sem:Puchasing Materials Mgmt, TRA4945 Logistics Internship, TRA4234 Warehouse Management, or SCM4170 Supply Chain Management Strategy, Leadership & Business Applications
  • SELECT One Course: Non-TRA Electives
    • ACG4361 Cost Accounting, GIS3043 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, MAR4721 Electronic Marketing, MAR 4615 Introduction to Marketing Analytics, or ISM 4011 Introduction to Information Systems


Required Business (9 credits)

9 semester hours are required. (ECO3703/3704 can only be counted once)

  • ECO3411 Business/Economic Statistics (3 Credits)
  • CHOOSE Choose one course
    • MAN4600, MAR4156, FIN4604, or ECO3704 (formerly ECO3703)
  • SELECT select one
    • business course 3000 - 4000 level with the prefix of: ACG/BUL/ECO/ECP/ECS/FIN/GEB/GEO/ ISM/MAN/MAR/QMB/REE/RMI/TAX (except ECO3411)


Non-Business Requirements (6 credits)

6 Semester hours are required. A grade of "C" or better is required for all courses in this area. The Cultural Diversity course should be chosen from the list at:

  • SPC4064 Public Speaking Professionals (3 Credits)
    • If you took Public Speaking at the lower level (1000 -2000) You may substitute any upper level (3000-4000) elective for SPC4064.
  • AND one cultural diversity course




Supply Chain Executive Education


In partnership with the Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program, and the American Society of Transportation & Logistics, the UNF Division of Continuing Education created the Global Logistics Training Resource Network to offer high quality continuing education for professionals engaged in the logistics and supply chain fields. The programs encompass a wide range of functional areas within the supply chain, and the courses include industry specific seminars and certifications, noncredit courses, and on-site customized training developed for logistics and distribution employers.

For a full list of upcoming courses, seminars, and training please visit the Global Logistics Training Resource Network.

Edythe Abdullah
Interim Dean of Continuing Education
University of North Florida
Division of Continuing Education
12000 Alumni Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224-2678
(904) 620-4200 

Mission and Vision 


The Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program shares with the University of North Florida and the Coggin College of Business its fundamental mission. In its specific role, the Program fosters the intellectual growth of students within a nationally competitive Program of Distinction and leading source of the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the areas of logistics and supply chain management. Through excellence in teaching, scholarship, and professional service, our faculty engage individually and together with students to deliver an exemplary curriculum and student experience which emphasizes the discovery and application of knowledge.


The Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program at the University of North Florida aspires to be a leading, preeminent provider of high–quality undergraduate, graduate, and executive education in the areas of logistics and supply chain management education. Through a diverse array of relevant and distinctive teaching, scholarship, and professional activities, the Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program will be a leader of national record, establishing a curriculum which “prepares students for opportunities in the expanding and vibrant logistics industry.”

Program's Goals and Founding Values

The Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program promotes teaching and scholarly activities that are responsive to and engaged with significant issues within the local, regional, national and international communities which embrace the University of North Florida
The Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program emphasizes individuality of students' experience though its small class sizes, individualized attention, and fosters personal growth.
The Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program cultivates a learning environment that fosters experimental learning through student–corporate interaction, emphasizing and the value of building professional networks early in students' academic experience.
The Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program affirms the university's civic engagement and community–based focus through its numerous corporate partnerships with local and regional firms and its location in the port city of Jacksonville. 

Faculty Research, Refereed Journal Articles



  • 2016 I Jin, Yao, David Swanson, M.A. Waller, J. Ozment. "To Survive and Thrive under Hypercompetition: An Exploratory Analysis of the Influence of Strategic Purity on Truckload Motor Carrier Financial Performance." (Forthcoming in the Transportation Journal). 
  • 2016 I Swanson, David. B.D. Williams, J. Gu, and M.A.Waller. “Full Steam Ahead:  Firms in the U.S. Economy Adjust Inventory for Changes in Transportation Costs but not the Reverse.” Transportation Journal 55(3).  
  • 2016 I Swanson, David. "Transportation Price Benchmarking: Implications for Firm Performance." Benchmarking: an International Journal, 23(4). 
  • 2013Swanson, R.D. and R. J. Smith (2013). "A Path to a Public–Private Partnership: Commercial Logistics Concepts Applied to Disaster Response." Journal of Business Logistics, 34(4): 335-346. 
  • 2013 | Frankel, Robert, Scott R. Swanson, and Mariusz Sagan (forthcoming), "Service Switching, Word-of-Mouth, and New Provider Search: A Five Country Exploratory Study," International Journal of Management and Marketing. 
  • 2013 | Roso, Violeta, Kusumal Ruamsook, Dawn Russell, Gunnar Stefansson "Connecting Inland Ports and Seaports via Intermodal Transportation:  A Process Evaluation," (forthcoming) reviewed proceedings of World Conference on Transportation Research, 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • 2012 | Coleman, B. Jay, Yemisi Bolumole, and Robert Frankel, "Benchmarking Individual Publication Productivity in Logistics," Transportation Journal, 51:2, 164-196.
  • 2012 | Hofer, Christian, Yao Jin, David Swanson, Matthew Waller, Brent Williams (2010), "The Impact of Key Retail Accounts on Supplier Performance: A Resource Dependency Theory Perspective".  Journal of Retailing, 2012.
  • 2011 | Mollenkopf, Diane, Robert Frankel, and Ivan Russo, "Extending Customer Value Theory: Returns Management at the Marketing-Operations Interface," Journal of Operations Management Special Issue on Field Research, 29:5, 391-403.
  • 2010 | Cantor, D.E., Yemisi A. Bolumole, Jay Coleman and Robert Frankel, "An Examination of Trends and Impact of Authorship Collaboration in Logistics Research," Journal of Business Logistics, 31:1, 197-215.
  • 2009 | Cantor, D.E., Grimm, C.M., and Corsi, T.M., (2009) "Do Electronic Logbooks Contribute to Motor Carrier Safety Performance?" Journal of Business Logistics, 30:1, 203-222.
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  • 2008 | Cantor, D.E., Corsi, T.M., and Grimm, C.M., "Determinants of Motor Carrier Safety Technology Adoption," Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, September 2008, Volume 44E, Issue 5, pp. 932-947. 
  • 2008 | Coleman, B. Jay, Yemisi A. Bolumole and Robert Frankel (2008), "Optimizing Career Day in Three Seconds," OR Insight, 21:2, 17-24. 
  • 2008 | Mollenkopf, Diane, Ivan Russo and Robert Frankel (2007), "The Returns Management Process in Supply Chain Strategy," International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 37:7, 568-592.
  • sportation Review, September 2008, Volume 44E, Issue 5, pp. 932-947.  
  • 2008 | Coleman, B. Jay, Yemisi A. Bolumole and Robert Frankel (2008), "Optimizing Career Day in Three Seconds," OR Insight, 21:2, 17-24. 
  • 2008 | Mollenkopf, Diane, Ivan Russo and Robert Frankel (2007), "The Returns Management Process in Supply Chain Strategy," International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 37:7, 568-592.

Logistics Information Technology Solutions Lab (LITSLAB)

The exploding field of logistics and its importance to the Jacksonville economy makes acquiring the latest software for student instruction imperative for UNF’s Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program. While most university programs typically use customized academic simulations to teach, UNF utilizes the same programs used by business professionals. UNF is a member of a prestigious community of universities around the world that license and use SAP software to understand and manage critical operations. The employability of UNF Transportation and Logistics graduates is enhanced by integrating a strong curriculum with hands-on experience and state-of-the-art technology.

  • iLog, an IBM product, is used to design and/or modify logistics or supply chain networks to increase efficiency and effectiveness. The software tool enables companies to monitor planning for domestic or global geographic regions and make sure the plans meet demand forecasts while tracking inventory, supplier and customer orders, and related shipments.
  • Magaya Corporation donated 115 user licenses for Supply Chain Solution software for core warehouse and transportation transaction processing. Used by third-party logistics providers, the Magaya suite allows for management of all aspects, including purchasing, transportation, shipment and delivery, and full accounting.
  • UNF is a member of the SAP University Alliance, which allows students to access multiple modules of the SAP suite of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Students gain practical experience in the integration of different functional areas within and across companies and understand the impact on the entire organization.  
  • UNF is a certified university with access to demonstrate and teach transportation solutions using the Mercury Gate transportation management system that is employed by hundreds of shippers and carriers around the world. Mercury Gate software is provided via a cloud-based platform and can be accessed by UNF graduates outside of the LITSLAB).



Transportation and Logistics Flagship Fall Career Day

Friday, October 26, 2018 

Adam W. Herbert University Center

Student Registration     Recruiter Registration

Recruiters from regional, national, and international transportation and logistics companies participate in the Transportation and Logistics Career Day in the fall and spring. T&L Career Day offers more than 170 one-on-one prescheduled interviews for internship, part-time and full-time positions along with the opportunity to visit the T&L Employer Expo in the afternoon. Interviews are open to T&L and Operations Management students and recent T&L graduates who are STAR Certified with a minimum GPA of 2.75 (cumulative or upper level). The T&L Expo requirement is STAR Certified with 2.5 GPA.

Schedule for Career Day

8:00 - 8:30 a.m.


8:30 - 8:50 a.m.

Welcome and Orientation

9:00 - 11:55 a.m.


12:00 - 12:50 p.m.

1:00 - 2:00 p.m. T&L Employer EXPO open to all T&L students *
2:00 - 3:00 p.m. Networking Reception (Adam W. Herbert University Center)

T&L Career Day is a free event, but space is limited.


Companies that recruit at UNF: 

AV Logistics, CEVA Logistics, C.H. Robinson, Central Oceans, Corporate Traffic, Crowley Maritime, Fanatics Retail Group, Florida East Coast Railway, Florida Rock & Tank Lines, Henry Schein, Home Depot, Interline Brands, JAXPORT, J.B. Hunt, Landstar, Ravago International, Shoreside Logistics, Stein Mart, the Suddath Companies, Total Military Management, Volkswagen, Werner Enterprises, Yusen Logistics, and many more.




Presenting Sponsor:


T&L Employer Expo Sponsor:


Breakfast Sponsor:


 Lunch Sponsor: 


Networking Reception Sponsor:




For more information, please contact or (904) 620-1961.

Careers in Transportation and Logistics

The UNF Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program offers a unique and rewarding undergraduate degree program prepares students for challenging careers in supply chain management; international logistics, transportation, materials management, and physical distribution. Graduates have accepted positions with regional firms as well as with major corporations across the country.

Due to the rapid increase in international trade, firms require logistics based solutions to operate efficiently. This need has accelerated the demand for logistics professionals who possess the knowledge and skills needed to manage sophisticated logistics systems within the supply chain. 75% of graduates from the T&L program receive job offers in their field.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics logistics is the second largest employment sector in the United States. It offers excellent salaries, opens doors, and provides advancement opportunities to the prospective manager in countries around the world. Logistics managers are in such demand that both U.S. News ranked Logistician #12 in Best Business Jobs category.

Link to article:

Coggin Career Management Center

The Coggin College of Business Career Management Center offers specialized services to help students prepare for a successful career path and offers an online management system for job listings through Osprey Career Link. All UNF students and alumni registered with the Career Wings system can view and apply online for job opportunities.


The UNF Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program offers internship opportunities to provide students with first–hand experience and the ability to apply educational concepts to problems and issues confronting organizations doing business in transportation, logistics and supply chain management. The requirements for semester long internships for academic credit are in the T&L Internship Handbook. Internships for academic credit are not required in the T&L program of study however, most students obtain part-time internships without receiving academic credit in order to gain practical experience before graduation. Students who are looking for internships and full-time positions are encouraged to attend the T&L Career Day and Employer Expo in February and October.

Positions available to graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Transportation & Logistics:

Manager   Analyst   Other 
Customer Service   Distribution Planning   Consulting
Distribution Center Management    Import/Export   Logistics Engineer 
International Logistics    Marketing   Logistics Services Salesperson 
Inventory Control   Materials    Military Logistics 
Logistics   Production Planning & Scheduling      
Logistics Software   Purchasing     
Materials Management    Quality    
Operations Management    Supply Chain     
Quality Manager        
Supply Chain         
Systems Support         
Vendor Managed Inventory Coordination          
Warehouse Operations         


Support for students through Professional Organizations and the Business Community:


10th Annual Intermodal Association of North America Case Competition at the University of North Florida      




April 5-8, 2018  

On April 6, 2018 thirty-six students and faculty from Auburn University, University of Arkansas, Georgia Southern University, University of Maryland, University of North Florida, University of North Texas and the University of South Florida participated in the 10th Annual IANA Logistics & Supply Chain Management Case Competition at the University of North Florida. Students from Georgia Southern University impressed the judges with their presentation and took away first place honors. The University of North Texas was named runner-up team and the University of Maryland received Honorable Mention. Congratulations to all the teams that participated.


The student presentations were judged by a group of business professionals representing a broad section of related industries. Adriene Bailey of Brooks Davis Consulting and Chair of the IANA Board of Directors, Benjamin Freedman from Volkswagen Group of America, Jenny Johnson of Intermodal Support Services, T. Parker McCrary, Debbie McDowell of Matrix Logistics, Tim Nelson of Shoreside Logistics, Todd Pye from Florida Rock & Tank Lines and Kirk Williams of Proficient Auto Transport served on the distinguished panel of judges. The University of North Florida commissioned Larry Gross of Gross Transportation Consulting to develop the intermodal case study specifically for the 10th Annual IANA Case Competition.


On Saturday following the case competition, the students enjoyed a comprehensive tour of the Anheuser Busch bottling plant. During the 3 day event, the students had a wonderful opportunity to network with their peers and professionals, learn about the academic programs at other universities, hone their analysis and presentation skills and enjoy the Florida sunshine.


The UNF Coggin College of Business is grateful to the Intermodal Association of North America for their support as presenting sponsor. An event of this caliber would not be possible without their generosity.


The 11th Annual IANA Logistics and Supply Chain Management Case Competition will take place April 4-7, 2019 at the University of North Florida.


2018 Case Competition:

View presentations from the 2018 Case Competition.

2017 Case Competition:

View presentations from the 2017 Case Competition.

Presenting sponsor:

Transportation and Logistics Events 

 T&L-SpringBanquet2018-stamp  10th Annual T&L Flagship Program Spring Banquet
  Join us, April 26 to celebrate the achievements of the academic year!

  For more information, click here.

Meet the Professors 

    Robert Frankel
Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Globalization, Inter-Organizational Integration, Cross-Firm Integration, and Returns Management

scott   Scott Lane
Supply Chain Software (WMS) (TMS) (ERP) (YMS), Warehouse Operations and Layout,Design, Supply Chain Design, Transportation Management, Technology Applicants & Infastructure and Vendor Management

swanson d   David Swanson 
Strategic Logistics Management, Logistics Information Systems, Relation Logistics and Forecasting and Demand Management 


T&L Team

Our faculty and students are actively engaged on industry research, and often collaborate with colleagues and professionals in the industry. In addition, our Faculty continues to serve on the academic journal editorial review board of the top 4 of the 5 top ranked journals in the supply chain field: the Journal of Business Logistics, the International Journal of Logistics Management, the Journal of Supply Chain Management, the Transportation Journal, and the International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management.




Dr. Robert Frankel

Department of Marketing & Logistics

Professor, Marketing & Logistics
UNF Coggin College of Business
(904) 620-1346
(904) 620-2594 Fax

Office Location: Building 10, Suite 2460, Room 2462

russell d
Dr. Dawn Russell

Department of Marketing & Logistics
Assistant Professor
UNF Coggin College of Business
(904) 620-1298

d swanson
Dr. David Swanson

Department of Marketing & Logistics

Assistant Professor

UNF Coggin College of Business

(904) 620-5228
lane Scott Lane

Department of Marketing & Logistics
Professional Faculty
UNF Coggin College of Business
(904) 620-1368
(904) 620-2782 Fax

brown l


Lynn Brown

Transportation & Logistics Flagship

Associate Director,
UNF Coggin College of Business
(904) 620-1961
(904) 620-2782 Fax

Office Location: Building 10, Suite 2460, Room 2461


Carolyn Gavin

Department of Marketing & Logistics

Office Manager
UNF Coggin College of Business
(904) 620-1334
(904) 620-2782 Fax