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Master of Business Administration 

Ready to take your leadership to the next level? Our program allows you to earn your MBA while integrating work and life.

Master of Business Administration - MBA

The purpose of the UNF MBA program is to prepare qualified men and women for positions of leadership in business organizations. The program is designed to meet the graduate educational needs of working individuals, and those pursuing their degree on either a part–time or full–time basis.

The curriculum focuses on developing a general management perspective, and in–depth knowledge of the various skills required to manage effectively in a rapidly changing and increasingly technical and global environment. A variety of approaches to learning are used, including lectures, case analysis, and group work and team building exercises.

Program Highlights

  • 36 credit hour degree program 
  • Gain knowledge in all areas of business through core business curriculum (27 credits)
  • Gain industry specific knowledge through elective courses (9 credits) and extracurricular activities
  • Career coaching provided by the Coggin Career Management Center staff
  • Graduate Assistantships program available 

Participant Benefits
  • Learn the language of business and gain a solid business background to open up advancement opportunities within your undergraduate major field
  • Open career opportunities in the field of business which would have been unavailable without a graduate business degree
  • Strengthen transferable skills to allow for employment in management
  • Gain a network of contacts that will last a lifetime. 



Foundation Courses

If you do not have an undergraduate degree in Business and/or Equivalent coursework you will need to take the foundation courses listed below after admission.

  • ECO 6060 Economic Analysis 3 hours
  • MAR 6055 Fundamentals of Marketing 3 hours
  • ACG 6005 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 3 hours
  • FIN 6407 Fundamentals of Financial Management 3 hours
  • MAN 6002 Cornerstones of Management 3 hours

Group 1

All four courses in Group 1 are required. **Accounting majors must substitute ACG6309 FOR ACG6305**

  • ACG6305 Management Accounting 3 hours 
  • ECO6415 Making Decisions with Data 3 hours 
  • ECP6705 Economics of Business Decisions 3 hours
  • MAN6204 Organizational Theory 3 hours

Group 2

All three courses in group 2 are required. **Accounting Majors should substituted ACG6405 for ISM6021 (if CPA credit is desired).

  • FIN6406 Advanced Financial Management 3 hours
  • ISM6021 Management information Technology 3 hours
  • MAR6805 Marketing Strategy 3 hours

Group 3

Both courses in group 3 are required. MAN6726 is a permission only course and must be taken in your final semester. Students must have a 3.0 graduate level GPA before enrolling in MAN6726. Students must apply a minimum of one month before registering for MAN6726 for the final semester.

  • MAN6501 Modeling/Management Operations 3 hours
  • MAN6726 Advanced Strategic Management 3 hours

Electives and Concentrations

Choose 3 courses from the prefix list below or a concentration

  • Select 3 6000 level courses with the prefixes listed below:
  • Choose a Concentration
    • Accounting Finance Marketing
    • Construction Management International Business Sports Management 
    • E-Business Logistics 
    • Economics Management Applications 

*MBA students may use ONE faculty-led Study Abroad at the 6000 level in their program. 



MBA Concentrations 



Student must make a "B" or better in all concentration classes. All students that concentrate in accounting must substitute ACG6309 for ACG6305 and should substitute ACG6405 for ISM6021 ***Pre-requisites are strictly enforced***

SELECT Option 1
  • **(for student with an undergrad degree in accounting)** ACG6805 - Advance Acctg Theory, ACG6645 - Auditing Theory and one 6000 level - ACG or TAX course. EXCLUDING TAX6726, ACG 6005 and ACG6305.
  • SELECT option 2
  • **(if student has an undergraduate degree OTHER THAN accounting)**ACG6805 - Advance Acctg Theory, TAX6105 - Taxation of Business Corps and ACG6645 - Auditing Theory.

Construction Management

Students must make a "B" or better in all concentration classes. Each course is only offered once a year.
  • BCN6595 Environmental Issue Land/Const (3 Credits)
  • BCN6728 Constr Planning/Scheduling (3 Credits)
  • BCN6748 Construction Law (3 Credits)


Students must make a "B" or better in all concentration classes. If Study Abroad courses are chosen, these courses must have a significant e-commerce orientation to be counted toward this concentration.
  • MAN6785 E-Business Strategy (3 Credits)
SELECT two of the following
  • MAR6726 - Mktg on Internet, TRA6157 - E-Supply Chain Mgmt, MAN6875 - Entre/Venture Capital, MAN6581 (formerly MAN6026) - Project Management, MAN6959 - Study Abroad in Mgmt., MAR6959 - Study Abroad in Mrkt. (if study abroad course is, chosen, it must have a substantial E-Business orientation. Requires pre-approval), MAN 6931 - Social Media and Business Analytics

Economics and Geography

Students must make a "B" or better in all concentration classes.

CHOOSE Three of the following
  • with prefix ECO/ECP/GEO at 6000-Level (Excluding ECO 6060)


Student must make a "B" or better in all concentration classes.

SELECT two courses
  • from: FIN6314 - Bank & Finance Admin., FIN6515 (formerly FIN6516) - Investments, FIN6605 - International Finance, FIN 6535 - Derivative Securities, FIN6565 - Managed Investment Fund 1, FIN6566 - Managed Investment Fund 2, FIN6906 - Special work in Finance, FIN6936 - Special Topics in Finance, REE6146 - Real Property Analysis, REE6906 - Directed Independent Study, FIN6957 - Study Abroad in Finance
SELECT one course 6000-LEVEL
  • ACG/BUL/ECO/ECP/FIN/GEB/ISM/ MAN/QMB/MAR/REE/TAX/TRA (Excluding: ACG6005, BUL6138, ECO6060, FIN6407, MAN6002 MAN6536, MAN6724, MAR6055)

International Business

Students must make a "B" or better in all concentration classes.

CHOOSE Any three (3) of the following
  • with Global or International in the title (including 1 study abroad course). Any student doing a full semester abroad (minimum 9 semester hours- 6000 level) at a Coggin College of Buisness exchange partner will automatically qualify for the Concentration regardless of the course taken. MAN6606 - Cultural Environment of Global Business, MAN6931 - Special Topics in Management, FIN6605 - International Finance, MAR6158 - International Marketing BUL6850 - Legal Aspects of International Business ECO6705 - The Global Economy MAN6067 - Global Business Ethics TRA6725 - International Logistics GEO6506 - Economic Geography & GIS TAX6505 - International Taxation ACG6957 - Study Abroad in Accounting ECO6957 - Study Abroad in Economics FIN6957 - Study Abroad in Finance GEB6957 - Study Abroad in Business MAN6957 - Study Abroad in Management MAR6957 - Study Abroad in Marketing TRA6957 - Study Abroad in Logistics


Students must make a "B" or better in all concentration classes.
  • TRA6157 Supply Chain Management (3 Credits)
  • Must take this course (Normally offered spring)
  • SELECT any one of the following
  • TRA6216 Strategic Logistics Management (normally offered Fall)
  • TRA6725 International Logistics
SELECT any one of the following
  • ACG6309 Advanced Managerial Accounting Theory (students requiring this course in their core may not count it twice in their program)
  • MAN6581 (formerly MAN6026) Project Management
  • MAN6559 Quantitative Management Analysis
  • MAR6206 Marketing Channel Systems
  • MAR6726 Marketing on the Internet: Strategies and Programs
  • TRA6905 Directed Individual Study

Management Applications

Students must make a "B" or better in all concentration classes.

SELECT option 1 - three courses
  • Any MAN at the 6000 level (Excluding: MAN6002, MAN6536, MAN6724 AND courses that are part of the core)
SELECT Option2 - three courses
  • TRA6157 E-Supply chaing Mgmt (normally offered Spring only) or TRA6216 Strategic Logistics (normally offered Fall only) And any MAN at the 6000 level (Excluding: MAN6002, MAN6536, MAN6724 AND any corses that are part of the core)


  • MAR6506 Consumer Behavior (3 Credits)
  • MAR6616 Marketing Research (3 Credits)
  • Prerequisite: ECO 6415 Making Decisions with Data
  • SELECT1 one course
  • SELECT any 6000 level MAR prefix course (3 credits) (Excluding: MAR6055)

Sports Management 

Students must make a "B" or better in all concentration classes. SPM6008 foundations of Sport Management (3 hours) - to be taken if one does not have an undergraduate degree or minor in Sports Management.

SELECT 3 of the 4 courses
  • Students may take any 3 of the four courses listed below
  • SPM5206 Ethics and Issues in Sport
  • SPM5506 Sport Finance
  • SPM6106 Facilities and Risk Management
  • SPM5308 Marketing and Promotions




Criteria for Admission

The Coggin College of Business recognizes the many and varied backgrounds of its applicants to the MBA program.    


1. Applicants to the Coggin College MBA program who have earned a Bachelor Degree, BBA, BS, or BA in a business discipline from an AACSB accredited institution with at least a 3.0 in their last 60 hours on a 4.0 system may be admitted directly into the MBA program without having to take the GRE and GMAT exams. Based upon an evaluation of the applicants' transcripts, the Coggin Graduate Office will determine the accepted student's program of study.   


2. Applicants to the Coggin College of Business MBA program who have earned an advanced (defined as a Master Degree at the minimum) from an accredited program from a regionally accredited College or University may be admitted directly into the MBA program without having to take the GRE or GMAT exams. Based upon an evaluation of the applicants' transcripts, the Coggin Graduate Office will determine the accepted student's program of study.    
3. Applicants not qualifying for admission as defined above may be admitted based upon a composite score consisting of a formula (index) that includes both their last 60 hour GPA from their undergraduate degree and their test score from either the GRE or GMAT. Based upon evaluation of the applicants' transcripts, the Coggin Graduate Office will determine the accepted student's program of study.    
4. Applicants failing to qualify for admission based on criteria 1,2, or 3 may be admitted provisionally by the Coggin Graduate Office after a complete evaluation that may include a required interview and additional information as requested from the Coggin Graduate Office. Based upon an evaluation of the applicants' transcripts, the Coggin Graduate Office will determine the accepted student' program of study. Provisionally admitted MBA students must remain in good standing (overall UNF Graduate Program GPA above 3.00) throughout their course of study at UNF.  

5. All test scores submitted for consideration must be official.  
In all cases, the Coggin Graduate Office will determine/approve the admitted student's program of study that will include any required additional courses.

Additional requirements for International applications.
For more information on how to apply click here.  



Graduate Business Programs • Financial Aid



Contact the UNF Financial Aid Office for student loans.


The Coggin College of Business offers many scholarships specifically for business students. View available scholarships through Coggin College. National websites such as have links to many organizations that offer private scholarships and grant opportunities.

Graduate Assistantships

A limited number of Graduate Assistantships (GA) are offered to support full-time students enrolled in either the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) or Master of Accountancy (MAcc) programs.

Types of Graduate Assistantships
For the Fall and Spring semesters, Coggin Graduate Assistantships fall into one of two tiers. Tier 1 assistantships come with a work stipend, between $2,500-$5,000, that requires between 10 to 20 hours per week of work. In addition to the work stipend, students receiving Tier I assistantships will receive a waiver of some portion of their in-state tuition and fees between 37-75%. Tier II assistantships also come with a work stipend, between $1,500-$3,000, based on 10 to 20 hours per week of work, but there is no in-state tuition waiver for this level.

Depending on the funding, a limited number of assistantships may be available for Summer term. Summer assistantships will generally not include waiver for in-state tuition.

Employment Classification 

Graduate Assistant (Teaching Support)


  • This category includes GAs who provide support to a qualified course instructor of Record -- such as grading tests, assisting in discussion or lab sub-sections led by faculty, and/or coordinating field logistics-- but who are not responsible for teaching or evaluating students.

Graduate Assistant 


  • The category includes GAs who provide general educational administration duties, but who otherwise have no research and teaching responsibilities. The duties performed must directly contribute to the graduate student's program of study. 

Graduate Research Assistant
  • The category includes GAs who are involved in faculty-supervised research, but who otherwise have no teaching responsibilities. 


  • Full-time graduate student with no more than 4 classes each term
  • Have a minimum GMAT or GRE score that is in line with application requirements
  • Student must complete a FERPA agreement in your MyWings account
  • Maintain a graduate UNF GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Must provide a current resume
  • Must not also work a full-time job

Application Process and Timeline for Awards

All students who have been admitted to MBA or MAcc program and are interested in a graduate assistantship should submit the GA application by the following deadlines:

Students beginning in        Submit Application by           Students notified of award by
         Fall Term                                July 15                                           August 15
       Spring Term                          October 15                                    November 15
     Summer Term                          March 15                                           April 15

Once assistantships are awarded, students may continue on their assistantships in future semesters provided they maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0, enroll as a full-time student, receive a favorable review of their work performance, and are not employed in a full time job.

(Positions are not guaranteed and are very competitive. Each department makes the hiring decision. These positions are intended for non-working students that need financial support. If hired, the position is for one semester only and future semesters are pending departmental approval).

Graduate Assistantship Application


Information Sessions 

Attend one of our upcoming information sessions to learn more about graduate program offerings in the Coggin College of Business.


During the information sessions we cover:

  • Highlights of Coggin graduate programs (MBA, Master of Science in Management, Master of Accountancy*, GlobalMBA*)
  • In depth review of the MBA and Master of Science in Management programs
  • UNF Graduate School Admissions process
  • Tuition & Fees
  • Scholarships & Financial Aid
  • Graduate admissions test requirements including what to expect on the exams and tips for success

*Prospective students interested in these programs are encouraged to reach out directly to the Program Directors for more detailed information.



Upcoming Information Sessions

All information sessions are held from 6:00 - 7:00 P.M. in the Coggin College of Business Bldg 42, Room 2004. Click here to reserve your seat. 




July 26, 2018




New Graduate Orientation

The Master of Business Administration orientation is an event held each semester for all incoming students. During this event you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet the Graduate Business Program Director, and your Academic Advisor
  • Learn about the Career Management Center, Study Abroad and other campus resources
  • Take advantage of one on one advising
  • Learn about course programming tips 
  • Early Registration (during the FALL and SPRING orientations)

Upcoming Orientations

The R.S.V.P. page will be updated with the next date once the current orientation date has passed:
  • August 11, 2018 MBA (Fall 2018 Admits)

Click here to R.S.V.P  

Meet the Professors 

Our knowledgeable MBA professors are dedicated to providing UNF MBA students with a world- class education. Whether a potential student is interested in climbing up the corporate ladder or owning their own business, the UNF MBA professors have the industry experience and the educational background to aid their students in reaching their professional goals. Many of the UNF MBA professors conduct their own extensive research in various business related fields. As a result of their dedication to the MBA program, our MBA professors have been the recipients of multiple awards including the Distinguished Professor Award, Outstanding Faculty Service Award, International Leadership Award, and the Prime F. Osborn, III Distinguished Business Leaders Award. 




  Parvez Ahmed 
Building 42, Room 3216
(904) 620-1678

  Lian An
Building 42, Room 3111
(904) 620-3962

  Christopher Baynard
Building 42, Room 3230
(904) 620-1243

  Mary Beal-Hodges 
Building 42, Room 3020
(904) 620-3712

  Sean Davis 
Building 42, Room 3208
(904) 620-3928

  Pieter de Jong
Building 42, Room 3127
(904) 620-1299

  Adel El-Ansary 
Building 42, Room 3220
(904) 620-1373

  Gregory Gundlach 
Building 42, Room 3113
(904) 620-1341

  Bruce Kavan
Building 42, Room 3015
(904) 620-1349

  Reinhold Lamb
Building 42, Room 3212
(904) 620-1676

  Chung-Ping A Loh
Building 42, Room 3107
(904) 620-1227

  John Macarthur
Building 42, Room 3240
(904) 620-1689

  Dag Naslund
Building 42, Room 3125
(904) 620-1228

  Steve Paulson
Building 10, Room 2101
(904) 620-1338

  David Swanson
Building 42, Room 3232
(904) 620-5228

  Steve Williamson
Building 42, Room 3143
(904) 620-1347



amy   Amy Bishop • Academic Advisor 
(904) 620-2575