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Payment Process

About the Student Cost

Each summer study abroad has costs associated with the products and services that are part of the program, including student lodging, business and/or cultural visits and excursions, entry fees, international health insurance, etc. Students are responsible for paying these costs to the partner school or the company/organization providing the service.  Sometimes this is done via credit card, sometimes via international wire transfer.  Students will receive instructions from their host institution regarding these costs and the best way to pay them.


UNF Tuition and Fees

Students pay UNF for their summer tuition and fees instead of paying tuition and fees to their host university.  This payment process is handled the same way as if the student were staying at UNF for the summer term.  See the UNF Controller's Office webpage for tuition and fees for more information.  Students may also contact UNF Student Financial Services in Hicks Hall.