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Summer Exchange Application Process

We are glad you plan to study abroad this summer! Our aim is to make your study abroad experience as smooth as possible so you can focus on academics and experiential learning. If you have questions about the application process, contact us at any time.  


Applications are due March 15.  

Save the date for mandatory orientations on March 25 and April 15.

How to Apply

  1. Apply for or renew your passport.  U.S. passport processing time is currently about 14-16 weeks, so apply today.
  2.  Complete the following forms and email them to
    1. Summer Exchange Application Form
    2. Summer Study Abroad Policies Form 
    3. Credits Form (complete this form with your academic advisor)
  3.  After completing steps 1 and 2 above, you'll receive further instructions on completing the application process. 

How to Complete the Credits Form

The credits form ensures that you, your academic advisor, and International  Business all agree on how your courses from abroad will transfer back to UNF.  The form can be signed manually or digitally, but it does require a conversation with your academic advisor.  Refer to your summer study abroad program's webpage to review the courses you may choose from.  With your advisor, enter (1) each course you plan to take abroad, (2) whether the prerequisites have been completed or are in progress, and (3) how each course will count toward your major.  Your advisor will note your current standing and any other necessary information.  After completing the form with your academic advisor, save a scanned copy to upload into your online application.