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Faculty-Led Study Abroad Courses




Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

We are so glad you plan to study abroad with Coggin! Our aim is to help make your study abroad experience as smooth as possible so you can focus on academics and experiential learning. If you have questions about the programs or application process, contact us at any time.


Coggin Faculty-Led Offerings


Faculty-led programs allow you to study a specific business discipline and country during the spring or summer semester.  Students then travel with their professor and entire class of UNF students. Spend eight to ten days abroad during spring break or May break exploring the culture and economy of the country(ies) you've studied.  Travel arrangements are made by the faculty leaders, so this is an especially great opportunity for first-time travelers or students with time constraints.


View our current program offerings on UNF's Global Engagement webpage via the button above.  We look forward to helping you have the experience of a lifetime!

Faculty-Led Application Process

  1.  Review the Faculty-Led Study Abroad Policies.
  2.  Download and complete the Waiver and Release Agreement from the International Center website. Save a scanned copy to upload later.
  3.  Download and complete the Credits Form with your academic advisor. Save a scanned copy to upload later.
  4.  Log in to myWings and complete the Faculty Led Study Abroad Application (Click the "Student Records" tile > Student Forms > Online Forms > Scroll Down to Study Abroad and click Faculty Led Study Abroad Application.)
    •  Upload the documents from steps 2 and 3 above.
      • The Credits Form is uploaded under "General Documents"
      • The Waiver and Release Agreement is uploaded under "Waiver and Release Agreement"
      • There is no essay required for admission into these programs.
    • If you are applying for more than one faculty-led course: Submit separate applications, one for each course.
  5.  Check your passport: it must be valid for at least 6 months after the return date of your study abroad program.

Faculty-Led Program Costs


About the Program Cost


Each faculty-led study abroad has costs associated with the products and services that are part of the program, including student lodging, airfare, business/cultural visits, entry fees, international health insurance, t-shirts, etc. In order to ensure the best rates (and thus the lowest cost for students!) faculty leaders must sometimes pay airfare or hotel deposits up to nine months in advance of travel. However, we try to spread the student payments over a few months so that the entire program fee is not due at the time of application. This allows students to begin saving and researching other sources of funding prior to making these payments.


Program Payments


Please refer to the International Center with any questions regarding fees or payment.