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Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mosbach


Bad Mergentheim, Germany

Home to 20,000 inhabitants, Bad Mergentheim is located in the heart of south Germany between Frankfurt and Stuttgart and is one of Germany's most famous spa towns. Many travel along the Romantic Road to Bad Mergentheim to marvel at this city. You can best enjoy the town by wandering its parks and streets while enjoying historical buildings that reflect the past and modern times of Bad Mergentheim. The Renaissance Castle is located in the center of the old town which was once the home base for the Teutonic Knights. Now, the castle houses the Cooperative State University!

About Baden-Wüerttemberg Cooperative State University Mosbach

The Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) Mosbach campus at Bad Mergentheim offers a German language program for UNF students! Language classes take place in an actual German castle, beginning in early January and ending in late March. Upon successful completion of the intensive German language program, students will earn German language credit through the advanced intermediate level. This will complete the foreign language sequence for International Business and International Studies majors.



  • Participate in the International Program in Business taught in English after the language program ends in workshop-style 2-week modules from early April to late June
  • Intern with a German company through the German-American Exchange, Inc. in Germany from mid-May through mid-August.

Students should contact Coggin Study Abroad if they are interested in these opportunities.


Baden-Wüerttemberg Cooperative State University Mosbach

Campus Bad Mergentheim

Castle 2

97980 Bad Mergentheim

Tel: 07931 530-600


Anna-Magdalena Bröckl

Deputy Head of International Office


International Student Services

Silvia Geiβler

Iris Kilian

DHBW Application Process


The intensive German language program must have 5 UNF students enrolled in order to run. A maximum of 8 UNF students may participate each spring semester.

  • Applicants must have a UNF GPA of 2.5 or above (1st semester transfer students must have a 3.0 transfer GPA or above).
  • Applicants must have successfully completed GER1120: Beginning German I with a "C" or higher, or demonstrate equivalent knowledge.

Application Materials

Step 1: Submit the following items directly to the Coggin Study Abroad Office (Building 10, Room 2125) not to the exchange partner or other UNF offices:

DEADLINE: September 15

Step 2: Submit the following items directly to the Coggin Study Abroad Office (Building 10, Room 2125) not to the exchange partner or other UNF offices:

  • Program Application - write in "German Language Program" next to the Bad Mergentheim Campus option
  • Housing Form - under "Type of Housing", select option 4 indicating that DHBW will arrange housing for you
  • Financial Statement
  • Learning Agreement - contact your study abroad advisor with questions regarding completing the Learning Agreement
  • Letter of Motivation - describe your motivation for participation in this study program and state how it will contribute to your educational, career, and personal goals.
  • 1 passport-sized photos

DEADLINE: October 1

DHBW Academics

German Language Courses

Students participating in this program will take all courses listed below:

  • German as a Foreign Language, Beginners Level 2* (January 2019)
  • German as a Foreign Language, Intermediate Level 1 (February 2019)
  • German as a Foreign Language, Intermediate Level 2 (March 2019)

*Students who have completed Beginning German II are welcome to participate. During the first 4 weeks, these students will complete additional coursework and receive credit for lower-level Aspects of German Language & Culture instead of Beginners Level 2. They will take intermediate courses along with the rest of the cohort.

  • Course - Aspects of German Culture: As more advanced German language students, students will have to give a presentation in addition to taking the first exam in the Beginners Level 2. The presentation topic will be decided on mutually between the professor and student. Moreover, depending on the level of proficiency in German, the teacher might assign other tasks to those students.

Credit & Grade Conversions

DHBW Housing & Cost


For the German language program, DHBW will help you find a room in a dormitory or an apartment. Rent ranges from approximately $160-$370 per month, depending on preferences. It is common to pay a deposit of one month's rent and a small contract fee.


UNF students participating in a Coggin semester exchange program will pay UNF tuition. Students will be responsible for all other expenses (i.e. flight, meals, housing, etc.). To see an estimated cost for one semester at DHBW, please see the estimated cost documents below.

Note: We recommend using Oanda as a currency converter when determining your budget.


Please view our Study Abroad Funding page for information about scholarships other funding opportunities.