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Coggin Semester Study Abroad Process

Refer to the Coggin Semester Abroad Workbook for detailed information!


*For study abroad opportunities outside of the Coggin College of Business, visit the UNF International Center.


**If you are a Coggin student requesting to receive credit for a non-Coggin study abroad program, meet with a Coggin Academic Advisor (Bldg. 10, Rm. 1350) to submit a waiver of college policy.

Study Abroad Process: Pre-Departure

  • Maintain at least a 2.5 UNF GPA in order to be eligible to study abroad for a full semester


  • Complete or be enrolled in the following Coggin prerequisites one semester before studying abroad:
    • ACG2021 Principles of Financial Accounting
    • ACG2071 Principles of Managerial Accounting
    • ECO2013 Principles of Macroeconomics
    • ECO2023 Principles of Microeconomics
    • STA2023 Elementary Statistics-Business
    • MAN3025 Administrative Management
    • MAR3023 Principles of Marketing
    • FIN3403 Financial Management (Finance and Financial Planning majors only)
  • Email Coggin Study Abroad to schedule an appointment with the semester study abroad advisor (this should be done at least a full semester before you plan on studying abroad, ideally a full academic year)


  • Apply for your semester exchange by March 15 for Fall Semester Exchange and September 15 for Spring Semester Exchange.


  • Apply for scholarships.  
  • Attend your MANDATORY Pre-Departure Orientation and complete the necessary semester exchange paperwork (your study abroad advisor will send to you in advance).


  • Register through myWings for the XCH4000/6000 placeholder course for your semester abroad. Your study abroad advisor will send you the CRN number and instructions on how to register.


  • Register through myWings for the non-credit bearing course GEB4940 Coggin Semester Exchange Program. Your study abroad advisor will send you the CRN number and instructions on how to register.


  • Work with your study abroad advisor to determine your course schedule during your semester abroad. She will help determine how your courses will count towards your degree and she will go through the course approval process with Coggin Department Chairs. Complete the first page of your Learning Agreement with the study abroad advisor.


  • Meet with a Financial Aid Coordinator to determine how your financial aid will work during your semester abroad.


  • Make an appointment with the International Center, to work on your visa process and international health insurance.


  • Apply for/find housing abroad & purchase flight. These are to be done independently.

Study Abroad Process: While Abroad

  • Attend your in-country orientation (your host university will provide you with the orientation dates).


  • Register for courses at your host university (some universities require you to do this prior to arrival).


  • Complete and sign the second page of your Learning Agreement. Your study abroad advisor will send you the learning agreement around the second week of your classes abroad. Financial aid will be disbursed once the Learning Agreement has been completed and received by Financial Aid.


  • Stay connected with UNF and inspire others to go abroad by posting pictures to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using #CogginAbroad.


  • Contact your academic advisor about registering for UNF courses next semester. Contact Coggin Academic Advising.


  • Register for UNF courses through myWings for your next semester at UNF.


  • Fill out the Re-Entry Feedback Form at the end of your semester abroad.

Study Abroad Process: Re-Entry

  • Attend your MANDATORY Re-Entry Workshop. Your study abroad advisor will contact you while you are abroad to inform you of the date.


  • Once your transcript from abroad has been processed and your degree evaluation has been updated, make sure that everything is correct. Come to the International Business Flagship Office (Building 10, Room 2125) to pick up your official transcript.


  • Consider going abroad again!