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The International Business Flagship Program now offers exciting opportunities to intern abroad!

Students should contact Coggin Study Abroad if they are interested in pursuing one of these internship opportunities abroad.

Note for International Business majors: In order for an internship to count for credit towards a student's degree, the student must complete the following before starting the internship:

  • Complete all 5 S.T.A.R.s
  • Complete 2 of the following courses with grades of C or better:
    • ECO3704 International Trade
    • FIN4604 International Finance
    • MAN4600 International Management
    • MAR4156 International Marketing
    • TRA4721 International Logistics

Spain Internship

outside seating

Question Answer
Location Alicante, Spain
Placement through Universidad de Alicante
When? Spring semester: February - June (or summer*)
Paid? Unpaid, but students pay UNF tuition and can apply for scholarships
Spanish language Encouraged but not required
Credits 6 credit hours (students work with study abroad advisor to determine how it fits into degree)


Students will study and intern during the spring semester in Alicante (earn 6 credits towards the internship and 6 credit hours of courses at the University of Alicante).


*Another option is to take courses during the spring semester then just intern in the summer.


Students will work with a Coggin study abroad advisor to apply as an exchange student through the University of Alicante and go through pre-departure paperwork and procedures. Once students get to Alicante, they will interview with University of Alicante staff to determine where they will be placed (based on interests).

Germany Internship

german countryside


Question Answer
Location Germany (city varies - based on placement)
Placement through German-American Exchange Inc.
When? Summer: mid-May through mid-August
Paid? Paid (stipend amount determined by company)
German language Some German language required
Time commitment Full-time (40 hours per week)


Students will work with a Coggin study abroad advisor to apply through the German-American Exchange (GAE). GAE notifies the student when a company shows interest. The German company will contact the student to arrange an interview. If the student is selected, a contract is negotiated between the student and the company to determine the pay, dates of employment, location of placement, etc.


For more information, visit the German-American Exchange Internship Program website and/or download the Student Information Packet.


Note: Placement is not guaranteed.

German Language Program

Study German up to the Intermediate II level in Bad Mergentheim, Germany, This program takes place during the spring semester (early January through late March), so students could participate in the German Language Program and then the GAE Germany Internship Program.


For more information about the German Language Program, please visit our DHBW website.

Entrepreneurship Internship

Entrepreneurship Internship logo


The European Innovation Academy (EIA) Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summer School is the world's largest entrepreneurial summer program, with a special focus on digital innovations. The accelerated program turns an idea into a startup in just 15 days! The goal of this course is to give students a hands-on, real-life experience creating a startup with a team of five students from around the world. Students are guided in building a scalable business model via real-life experiments and tests in a live marketplace with genuine customer feedback. They then launch their product to build real market traction and acquire their first 1,000 customers. The challenge unfolds in a learning environment that corresponds to current and future workplace requirements including cross-functional and virtual teams with crowdsourced work tasks, a multicultural work force, a fast-paced work environment, and extremely demanding organization, planning and communication skills. The course is led by the top tech speakers, mentors, and investors from the world's top companies and institutions including Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley, Google, and Amazon.

Location/Dates Turin, Italy (July 7-26, 2019) or

Cascais, Portugal (July 14 - August 2, 2019)

Sponsor European Innovation Academy
Language English. As always, it is encouraged to learn some basic phrases of the local language before the program.
Credits 3 credit hours (6 ECTS)

GEB4100X can fulfill GEB4113 Entrepreneurship and/or count towards one of the following:

  • International Business internship requirement
  • International Business regional studies or major/minor elective
  • Management major/minor elective
  • Entrepreneurship internship*
  • Business elective or cultural diversity for all business majors
  • Other for your major, as determined with your academic advisor
Prerequisites Junior or Senior standing, open to all UNF majors

*If using as Entrepreneurship internship, GEB4113 must be completed at UNF the semester prior to travel

Cost Italy: $3,030

Portugal: $3,880

Includes accommodations, international health insurance, t-shirt, and programming:

  • 8-10 hours training per day
  • daily mentoring sessions by Silicon Valley and other global experts
  • access to the pool of mentors, speakers, VCs
  • opening and closing events
  • access to all of the program materials and tools: Playbook, chatbot Growby, online platform, Slideshare

Does not include airfare, meals, or 3 hours of UNF tuition.

Accommodations Italy: Hotel Sanpaolo

Portugal: Hotel Alvorada

Application Deadline April 15

*DO NOT apply directly online through EIA's website