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The University of North Florida Course Catalog and Course Search system allow students to find detailed information about the courses offered at UNF. The Coggin College of Business contains courses in each of the following departments: Accounting & Finance; Economics; Management; and Marketing & Logistics. Please note, undergraduate courses are numbered from the 1000s to 4000s and graduate courses are numbered in the 6000s. Undergraduate exchange students may only take courses numbered in the 1000s to 4000s with the exception of MAN 4720: Strategic Management and Business Policy - this course is not open to exchange students. Graduate exchange students may only take courses numbered in the 6000s with the exception of MAN 6726: Advanced Strategic Management - this course is not open to exchange students.


UNF Course Catalog and Course Schedule


All students must meet course prerequisites to be eligible to enroll in a course. Prerequisites constitute previous course work or knowledge that students are expected to have for a given course. Students can view course prerequisites on UNF's Course Schedule (above) by clicking "Search by Subject", choosing the semester and subject/course number, and then clicking "View Catalog Entry" or by reviewing the course description in the appropriate UNF Catalog (above). Incoming exchange students are required to complete a "Course Schedule Request Form" and submit a copy of all college level transcripts for prerequisite review prior to arriving in Jacksonville.

Teaching Format

Courses are taught utilizing a variety of methods and structures. Some courses have 3 or 4 exams per semester, some require group projects and presentations, and others require research projects. Students receive a course syllabus for each course at the start of the term which outlines the grading system, academic requirements and policies, attendance requirements, and expectations for the course.


The University of North Florida does not hold "re-sit" exams. You should be prepared to take each exam at the time it is scheduled and not expect to retake it if you are unsatisfied with your grade. Typically, professors will handle emergencies on an individual basis.


The average University of North Florida course is 3 credit hours. In order to maintain visa status, all undergraduate students (years 1 through 4) must take a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester. This is considered "full-time" enrollment for undergraduate students at UNF. The average course load is 12 to 15 credit hours, or the equivalent of 4 to 5 courses.


Graduate students must take a minimum of 9 credit hours. This is considered "full-time" enrollment for graduate students at UNF. The average course load is 9 to 12 hours for graduate students, or the equivalent of 3 to 4 courses.


If a course is 3 credit hours, the class meets in a classroom for three hours each week for the entire semester (16 weeks). Professors expect that for every credit hour enrolled, students should be preparing 1 to 2 hours outside of the classroom. This means for one course, a student will be in the classroom for 3 hours a week plus spending an additional 3 to 6 hours per week preparing for the course.


At the University of North Florida, letter grades are assigned on a scale from "A" to "F." An "F" or "WF" grade is assigned to students who fail/do not pass a course. In this situation, no credit is awarded for the course. A student will earn credit for a "D" grade. However, in the Coggin College of Business, a "D" grade is not accepted as satisfactory completion of a course. Refer to UNF's official grade scale for more information.