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On behalf of Coggin, the International Business Flagship Program welcomes you to UNF

Coggin Exchange Students

Coggin Exchange Application

Mandatory Orientation Date: Saturday, January 4th for Spring 2020 Term

Application Deadline: September 30th for Spring 2020 Term


Stephanie Worley Headshot


Stephanie Worley, MA

Study Abroad Advisor, Coggin College of Business

Bldg. 10, Suite 2125

University of North Florida

1 UNF Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32224



Nominated students should download and complete all pieces of the application as named below. All steps are required for an application to be considered complete. Please email all application materials to the Coggin Study Abroad Advisor at the address provided below. Emailing the forms is sufficient; you do not need to mail these as physical copies. If you'd like, you can keep a physical copy for your own personal records. Please visit our Exchange Student Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about studying at UNF.


For semester dates, please refer to UNF's Calendar of Events. Classes for the Fall 2019 semester begin on Monday, 19 August. The last day of exams for the Fall 2019 semester is Friday, 13 December. Classes for the Spring 2020 semester begin Monday, 6 January. The last day of exams for the Spring 2020 semester is Friday, 1 May. Exchange students should plan to be in the United States before classes begin so that they may attend orientation, and through the end of the final exam period.

Nominations are due March 1st - for Fall incoming; September 15th - for Spring incoming.

Priority Forms deadline is September 30 for Spring 2020 incoming students.


Priority forms are the following:

  • Application Form (UNF will not accept application forms for fall term beyond September 30 - the accelerated due date of September 30 is to ensure speedy processing of visa documents)
  • Passport Copy
  • Financial Affidavit
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency

All other application materials are due October 15 for Spring 2020 incoming students:

  • Proof of Immunization
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Academic Transcripts + Current Course Schedule
  • Course Request Form

1. Application Form

The application form must be received by September 30 for the Spring 2020 Term. These are non-negotiable University of North Florida deadlines which the Coggin College of Business does not have the authority to waive. Please complete ALL sections of this form. Leaving sections blank will delay the processing of your application. Be sure to answer the questions in "Section E" by checking either "yes" or "no". Leaving any of the questions in this section blank will result in the belief that the answer is "yes." If you would like to apply for on-campus housing, please scan/email this form to us as soon as possible, even if your other documents are not ready. Students cannot apply for housing until the application form has been processed- your international student advisor will email you directions on how to apply for campus housing.


Application Form

2. Affidavit of Financial Support

All incoming exchange students must submit a completed Affidavit of Financial Support and Bank Certification. There is a different form for students attending UNF for one semester only and students attending UNF for two semesters. All exchange students should bring a physical copy of their Affidavit of Financial Support with them when they arrive at UNF.


Affidavit of Financial Support Spring 2020  


Affidavit of Financial Support Fall 2020


Affidavit of Financial Support Spring 2021


Affidavit of Financial Support 2020 - 2021 Academic Year (Two Semesters)  

3. English Language Proficiency

All students must submit one of the following two items:


1) Letter/memo from the home or nominating institution confirming nominated students have sufficient English language skills. Please see the English Proficiency Memo drafts for templates that can be used by the home or nominating institution. If the student is a native speaker of English, this can be stated in the letter. Note that these letters MUST be on university letterhead and be signed by the official advisor.


English Language Proficiency Draft Letter




2) Results from a recognized English language test, for example:

  • A minimum qualifying TOEFL score
    • Undergraduate/Bachelor-level Students: 500 paper-based (173 computer-based, 61 internet-based)
    • Graduate/Master-Level Students: 550 paper-based (213 computer-based, 79 internet-based).
  • College Board Advanced Placement (AP) International English Language (AP-IEL)
    • A score of 3 or higher (AP grades range from 5 high to 1 low; 3 equals "Qualified").
  • University of Cambridge IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
    • A band score of 6.5 (band scores range from 9 high to 1 low; 6.5 lies between 6 "competent user" and 7 "good user").

4. Passport Scan or Copy

Email a clear, colored scan of the photo page of your valid passport to the Coggin Study Abroad Advisor listed above. Your passport must be valid for at least six (6) months beyond the end date of your semester exchange at UNF.

5. Immunization Form

If you have any questions about this form, please contact the Office of Medical Compliance. This Immunization Form information is required for ALL students on UNF's campus. Students will not be permitted to register for courses until they have provided official documentation for these immunizations. All students born after 1956 must submit documented proof of immunity to Measles and Rubella, and their vaccinations must have been AFTER their first birthday; if a student received this vaccine prior to his/her first birthday, he/she must get another MMR and submit these lab results in addition to their form. There is a detailed explanation of these requirements on page 2 of the Immunization Form. Remember that without this form, we cannot register you for any UNF classes.


Immunization Form

  • Hepatitis B: Students may provide proof of this immunization or sign a waiver. Please read all information provided by the Medical Compliance Office about Hepatitis B.
  • Meningitis: Students may provide proof of this immunization or sign a waiver. Please read all information provided by the Medical Compliance Office about Meningitis.

6. Academic Transcripts and Current Course Schedule

Please submit a copy of your transcript (or another document that lists course titles and grades earned) in English from all universities you have attended. If the classes you are currently enrolled in do not appear on your transcript, please also submit a list of courses you are currently taking. Your International Student Advisor may also ask for your syllabi.

7. Course Schedule Request Form

Students should have the entire form filled out, including prerequisite verification, by the Exchange Officer at their home institution. Courses offered for the upcoming term are posted on the UNF Course Schedule. Choose "Search by Department". The course catalog has brief descriptions of course content and listings of prerequisites. Please note that the course catalog does not give the timetable for the courses; students can submit their course request form without details such as CRN, time, etc. The advisor will match your course request with the best course selection. The timetable and exact course selection will come out on MyWings mid-semester during the semester before the exchange. Please be prepared to have alternative choices in the event that your preferred class will not be offered this term.


Your International Student Advisor will look over your course request form and determine whether or not you have met any prerequisite requirements (via your university transcript). If there are any issues with timing, prerequisites, or anything else, he/she will email you recommending an alternate schedule. This process may be back and forth for a bit of time, so please remain patient.


Exchange Student Course Schedule Request

8. International Insurance

All international students are required to have international insurance with adequate coverage. Once you are admitted to UNF, you will need to go into your myWings account and select whether you want to enroll in UNF's insurance or use a different insurance provider.

  • If you choose to enroll in UNF's insurance, this decision is final and cannot be changed. After you submit the completed UNF International Student Insurance Agreement, UNF Medical Compliance will automatically enroll you in the UNF health insurance plan. Note that once you have chosen the UNF health insurance plan, a charge for UNF health insurance is automatically added to your account and you will be required to pay the fee. Once the semester begins, students will be able to download and print their insurance card. If you choose to enroll in UNF's insurance, please complete the International Student Insurance Agreement.

    You may find more information about UNF Insurance here via the bottom of the website. For specific information regarding the UNF insurance plan, please use the following link:

    The cost of the UNF Insurance for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 is expected to be about $800-900 per semester. For detailed questions about UNF Health Insurance, please contact UNF Medical Compliance.

  • If you choose to enroll with a different insurance provider, you must submit a complete International Insurance Evaluation form before you can be registered for classes at UNF. You must ask your insurance provider to complete the International Insurance Evaluation form to verify that your coverage meets all of UNF requirements. A copy of your insurance contract is NOT an acceptable substitute for the Insurance Evaluation form. Alternative insurance for a given semester should cover the student for the same dates covered by UNF insurance. If you decide to have alternative health insurance (insurance that is NOT from UNF), you will need to have your insurance company complete the International Student Health Insurance Compliance Form located in the following webpage It is important to note that the alternative insurance company agrees to all 16 of the Florida State required benefits and the forms are filled out completely, including signed and stamped by the insurance company.
    • Spring 2020 students: Coverage must be through May 10th, unless you provide proof of a flight itinerary showing that you will leave on or after May 1st.
    • Fall 2020 students: Coverage must be through the first week of January 2021, unless you provide proof of a flight itinerary showing that you will leave on or after the end of final exam week.
    • Fall 2020 + Spring 2021 students: Coverage must be through the first week of May 2021, unless you provide proof of a flight itinerary showing that you will leave the U.S. on or after the end of final exam week.

Please submit all insurance documentation directly to Stephanie Worley at


 International Insurance Evaluation Form   


International Student Insurance Agreement

9. Housing

Note: We strongly recommend that students live on campus. Jacksonville is a very large city, and living on-campus is by far the more practical options for exchange students. If you choose to live off campus, note that it will be difficult to find a short-term lease and a mode of transportation to campus. If you would like to make arrangements to live off campus, you must note this at the time of application. You will be asked to submit the name and location of your alternative housing arrangements.


UNF's Housing Department has a comprehensive website which describes housing options, accommodations, prices, locations and general information. All on-campus housing contracts are submitted online via UNF's Housing Portal. After your application has been processed, and you have been admitted to UNF, your advisor will email you regarding how to apply.


In order to submit a complete contract, students are required to make a $300 payment: $100 is a non-refundable processing fee and $200 is a prepayment toward rent. When making payments, international credit cards may be subject to additional fees. The remaining portion of the cost for UNF housing will appear on students' accounts closer to the start of the semester and must be completely paid during the first week of classes.


Students will need to submit a Housing Contract for the appropriate semester. A video is available to show you how to fill out the housing contract. This is a binding contract, so please pay close attention to the cancellation deadline(s). Through the contract process, students are able to indicate their preferred housing accommodations. Housing will do their best to place students in their preferred residence hall and room type. However, there is no guarantee that a student will be placed in their preferred residence hall or room type. Assignments depend several factors including availability and the order in which contracts are received.

Arrival and Orientation

Mandatory Orientation: Spring 2020

Please plan to arrive by 8:00 AM so we can start promptly at 8:30 AM.


At the end of the Coggin Exchange Orientation, we will bring you to the UNF International Center's tour and orientation. The International Center will cover important topics such as F-1/J-1 regulations and responsibilities, enrollment requirements, and on-campus employment. Please bring the following items/information to orientation:

  • DS-2019 (J-1 students)
  • Passport and visa
  • Local U.S. address
  • Phone number

For more information, visit the UNF International Center's orientation webpage or contact UNF's International Center.

Arriving in Jacksonville

It is very important that students find a flight that flies into the Jacksonville International Airport (JAX); if you fly into a different airport in Florida, transportation will be very expensive and difficult to acquire. From JAX airport, students have about a 30 minute car ride to UNF's campus. We recommend that students download the smart phone apps Lyft and Uber before their arrival, and use the app to get a ride from the airport. This is a less expensive option than traditional taxis, and typically costs about $30 from the airport. You should give your driver the following address: The Fountains, Osprey Ridge Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32224.


Our residence halls have round-the-clock security, so despite students' arrival times, they will be able to get into their rooms.Please note that if you arrive early, certain amenities may not be available such as: the campus transportation shuttle, dining on campus, and more; you will also be assessed a $30 priority move-in fee per night before the official spring move-in date established by UNF's Department of Residence Life. More information about airport transportation and housing can be found on the UNF International Center's orientation webpage.


If it is unclear when you should arrive or you have any questions about your arrival plans, please e-mail Stephanie Worley. Please let Stephanie know your planned arrival date and time so that your room key will be ready for you at the time of your arrival.



The University of North Florida Course Catalog and Course Search system allow students to find detailed information about the courses offered at UNF. The Coggin College of Business contains courses in each of the following departments: Accounting & Finance; Economics; Management; and Marketing & Logistics. Please note, undergraduate courses are numbered from the 1000s to 4000s and graduate courses are numbered in the 6000s. Undergraduate exchange students may only take courses numbered in the 1000s to 4000s with the exception of MAN 4720: Strategic Management and Business Policy - this course is not open to exchange students. Graduate exchange students may only take courses numbered in the 6000s with the exception of MAN 6726: Advanced Strategic Management - this course is not open to exchange students.


UNF Course Catalog and Course Schedule


All students must meet course prerequisites to be eligible to enroll in a course. Prerequisites constitute previous course work or knowledge that students are expected to have for a given course. Students can view course prerequisites on UNF's Course Schedule (above) by clicking "Search by Subject", choosing the semester and subject/course number, and then clicking "View Catalog Entry" or by reviewing the course description in the appropriate UNF Catalog (above). Incoming exchange students are required to complete a "Course Schedule Request Form" and submit a copy of all college level transcripts for prerequisite review prior to arriving in Jacksonville.

Teaching Format

Courses are taught utilizing a variety of methods and structures. Some courses have 3 or 4 exams per semester, some require group projects and presentations, and others require research projects. Students receive a course syllabus for each course at the start of the term which outlines the grading system, academic requirements and policies, attendance requirements, and expectations for the course.


The University of North Florida does not hold "re-sit" exams. You should be prepared to take each exam at the time it is scheduled and not expect to retake it if you are unsatisfied with your grade. Typically, professors will handle emergencies on an individual basis.


The average University of North Florida course is 3 credit hours. In order to maintain visa status, all undergraduate students (years 1 through 4) must take a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester. This is considered "full-time" enrollment for undergraduate students at UNF. The average course load is 12 to 15 credit hours, or the equivalent of 4 to 5 courses.


Graduate students must take a minimum of 9 credit hours. This is considered "full-time" enrollment for graduate students at UNF. The average course load is 9 to 12 hours for graduate students, or the equivalent of 3 to 4 courses.


If a course is 3 credit hours, the class meets in a classroom for three hours each week for the entire semester (16 weeks). Professors expect that for every credit hour enrolled, students should be preparing 1 to 2 hours outside of the classroom. This means for one course, a student will be in the classroom for 3 hours a week plus spending an additional 3 to 6 hours per week preparing for the course.


At the University of North Florida, letter grades are assigned on a scale from "A" to "F." An "F" or "WF" grade is assigned to students who fail/do not pass a course. In this situation, no credit is awarded for the course. A student will earn credit for a "D" grade. However, in the Coggin College of Business, a "D" grade is not accepted as satisfactory completion of a course. Refer to UNF's official grade scale for more information.

Making the Most of UNF

Once you have started classes at UNF, we hope that you will have a great experience academically and personally. You've chosen to study at one of the safest college campuses in the nation!


The following suggestions are based on past exchange students' feedback - Go Ospreys!

Maintain Academic Excellence

Keep up your grades. It is understood that you are adjusting to a new environment, culture and grading style. Keep in mind the academic resources (such as Tutoring, the Writing Center, and Academic Coaching) available on campus. Do not hesitate to visit your professors during their posted office hours to ask questions!

Get Involved on UNF's Campus

Enjoy the Jacksonville Community

Jacksonville, Florida is a wonderful place to call home. We hope that you are able to explore and enjoy the city and surrounding area during your stay with us at UNF. Get a better look at UNF and Jacksonville through this student-created video!

Things to do in and around Jacksonville

Riverside Arts Market

Sun-Ray Cinema

Cummer Museum

Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville

GTM Research Reserve (nature preserve on the beach)

Visit the San Marco Neighborhood

Visit the Riverside Neighborhood

Chamblin Uptown (bookstore and café)

Hanna Park (beach, hiking trails)

Jacksonville Zoo

Visit the city of Saint Augustine (nation's oldest continuously occupied European settlement)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to study at UNF as an exchange student?

All non-US citizens need a visa to study at UNF as an exchange student through the Coggin College of Business. If you are a US citizen and will be traveling on a US passport, please notify the Coggin Study Abroad Advisor immediately.

How do I obtain a visa?

Students are responsible for applying for their own visas through the U.S. Department of State. Once a student is admitted to UNF as an exchange student and submits all necessary DS-2019 documentation, UNF will issue the DS-2019. Our office will then mail the student a welcome packet with a letter of acceptance and a DS-2019 form needed to apply for a J-1 exchange visa.

Information on applying for a visa to come to the US can be found on the U.S. Department of State website. We recommend that all students apply for their visas through their home country if at all possible.

Can I make payments to UNF via wire transfer?

Yes. The amount wired should not exceed the balance due to the University on a student's account. On the wire description please include:

  • Student's name,
  • Student's ID number (N#),
  • Semester
  • Description: "tuition payment," "balance on account," "Fall Housing," "Spring ELP," etc.

If this information is not included the monies will be returned to the sender. Without this information it is difficult to determine the correct student to credit.


Please allow sufficient time for your bank to process and submit your wire transfer so that it will be posted to your student account in a timely manner. Funds coming from outside the United States can take several (1-2) weeks. To avoid late fees, we recommend that students (especially international students) wire funds well before the payment deadline.


Wire transfers may be sent to:


You can find more information about making payments to your student account on the Student Financial Services web page.

What courses are available to exchange students?

Exchange students coming to UNF through the Coggin College of Business primarily take courses in the four departments housed in Coggin: Accounting & Finance; Marketing & Logistics; Economics & Geography; and Management. While a select number of courses are not, the majority of classes in these departments, pending eligibility, are available to exchange students.

How is course eligibility determined?

When an exchange student submits a course schedule request, the International Business Flagship staff must review each request. Staff will check the exchange student's college and university level transcripts to determine if the student has completed any required prerequisite courses before approving the requested courses. This process helps ensure students have the knowledge and skills to be successful in their courses at UNF. Students can research course prerequisites in the UNF Course Catalog.

How does course registration work?

First, an exchange student must be admitted to UNF. Once admitted, exchange students cannot be registered for courses until they have an approved Immunization Form on file with the UNF and have confirmed their international health insurance preference. Once the submitted course schedule request is approved, the International Business Flagship staff registers exchange students for their classes. The Coggin Study Abroad advisor will communicate with exchange students throughout the registration process.

How many courses can I take while at UNF?

The number of courses or credit hours for which an exchange student registers depends on whether the student is a graduate/master-level or undergraduate/bachelor-level exchange student. To be in compliance with the terms of the J-1 exchange visa, students must be registered for at least the minimum required hours. Therefore, during one semester, bachelor exchange students must be registered for at least 12 US credit hours (4 courses) and no more than 15 credits (5 courses); and master students must be registered for at least 9 US credit hours (3 courses) and no more than 12 credits (4 courses).

Can I make changes to my course schedule?

Exchange students cannot make changes to their course schedule on their own. All changes must go through the Coggin Study Abroad Advisor. Even then, changes can only be made during certain points in the semester.

Is there an opportunity to retake or re-sit a final exam?

UNF does not offer retake exams nor are students able to ask to take exams at an alternative time. Students are expected to take final exams during the scheduled time at the end of the semester.

How do my grades get back to my home institution?

At the Coggin Exchange Student Orientation, exchange students complete a form authorizing UNF to send their transcripts to their home institution. Once final grades are posted, the IB Flagship staff will mail official transcript copies for all exchange students to their home institutions. Transcripts will display the final letter grade earned for each course.

Does the Coggin College of Business require a TOEFL score for exchange students?

We do require proof of English language proficiency. While the TOEFL would be accepted for this purpose, there are other tests or ways to show English proficiency. Please see the English Language Proficiency section on the Coggin Exchange Application page for more information.

Why do you recommend that students live on campus?

Living on campus helps exchange students to more fully participate in student life at UNF and have the true UNF college experience. Additionally, exchange students often find the UNF campus to be larger than their home campus. Living on campus is a much more convenient option to walk to classes. Further, there are many activities and events, dining facilities, and student activity areas on campus.

Can I book a flight to Florida that arrives in a city other than Jacksonville (Miami, Orlando, etc.)?

We DO NOT recommend flying into a different city in Florida and then traveling to Jacksonville. Students should plan to arrive at the Jacksonville International Airport (airport code: JAX). Please be aware that public transportation in the United States is often not nearly as developed, common, efficient, or economical as it is in many other countries.

What is Jacksonville public transportation like, and how do you travel around the city?

While Jacksonville, Florida does have limited public transportation, most residents and UNF students travel by personal car. To learn more about public transportation in Jacksonville, visit the Jacksonville Transit Authority website.



  • UNF domestic student members of ANY major
  • Incoming exchange students from all over the world
  • 2 student leaders
  • Coggin Delegation Advisors - Stephanie Worley


The purpose of Coggin Delegation is to bring together domestic and international students in order to enhance cultural learning while studying at UNF.


UNF domestic student members are able to:

  • welcome the international exchange students to UNF and help them adapt to American culture
  • interact with students from the country where they plan on studying abroad so they can get to know the culture before they get there
  • gain intercultural competencies that they might not otherwise get if they are not able to study abroad


Participation in Coggin Delegation includes:

  • communication with international buddy before the start of the semester to assist with their adaption to American culture.
  • interaction with international buddy throughout the semester. Participate in activities together on and off campus in order to get to know one another.
  • attendance to Coggin Delegation events together.


To become a Coggin Delegation Member, please fill out the Coggin Delegation Application. The deadline to apply for Spring 2020 is December 30th.


Coggin Delegation Spring 2020 Application


Interested in becoming a Coggin Delegation Leader during the Fall 2019 semester? Check out more details about our leadership positions and how to apply


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a group of students smiling and sitting on a staircase a group of students posing in front of the water