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Coggin Delegation Leader Application


  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Undergraduate student
  • Leadership experience preferred but not required


As a leader for Coggin Delegation, you will have extensive responsibilities to ensure the group is actively participating and enjoying their experience. Although Stephanie is the advisor for this group, our two student leaders (2 student leaders) are expected to (but are not limited to):

  • Organize events at least once a month (past events have been Jaguars football games, a Halloween party, ArtWalk downtown, potlucks, etc.). We recommend that you get group input on what they would like to do.
  • Market our events - along with sending reminder emails to the group, you may want to start a FaceBook group or WhatsApp text group to ensure clear communication.
  • Be the lead on events. You may need to organize the group at certain places or coordinate transportation/car-pool, especially for the exchange students.
  • Meet with the Global Engagement office bi-weekly. These meetings ensure that the advisors know what is going on, and allow you to give us feedback.
  • Report to the Business Advisory Council at the beginning of the semester and again at the end. This group is made up of local Jacksonville Business members, and they provide funding for Coggin Delegation. They are interested in hearing the group’s plans for the semester, and interested to see the results.


Coggin Delegation is an amazingly rewarding group; as a leader, you will get to see the effects of strong intercultural connections first hand. This role will give you extensive leadership experience as well as marketing/event-planning experience. As a leader, you are expected to increase overall participation and excitement about the group. Because of these responsibilities, we will be awarding each leader $500 at the end of the semester, provided that the leaders have met the advisors’ expectations.


Please note that your role as a leader will be decided upon because of the following questions and occasionally interviews. In 500 words or less (per question), please answer the following questions:

  • This group brings together incoming international students and domestic UNF students. The goals of the group include reaching intercultural communication, and involve intense cultural exchange. Please explain why intercultural communication/travel/empathy is important to you- you can discuss travel experiences you’ve had or intend to have, or anything else that may apply.
  • As a Coggin Delegation leader, you will need skill in communicating and organizing. Please explain your leadership skills and past experiences, as well as any experience you’ve had managing a team. You can share struggles you’ve had as a leader and how you’ve gotten over them as well.

Please submit the answers to these questions to


If you have any questions regarding the Coggin Delegation Leadership positions, please contact