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Coggin College of Business

Alumni Profile features Chris Kalin, PNC Bank executive

March 5, 2024

Headshot of Chris Kalin with a gray and white background

Name: Chris Kalin  

Company/Organization: PNC Bank

Position/Title: Regional President  

Year graduated: 2008  

Degree: Finance  


What’s your best memory about the Coggin College of Business?  

Some of my best memories about Coggin have come post-graduation. It’s been immensely rewarding to watch the students I’ve had the opportunity to mentor secure their first full-time jobs and follow their journeys as they progress in their career. I recall the self-doubt I felt in early 2008 as I neared graduation and did not have a full-time employment offer. I also recall the joy I felt on May 1, 2008, when I received a full-time offer, just one day before graduation. As I connect with students and see them thrive, I’m reminded of those emotions. Reflecting on that chapter in my life keeps me humble and hungry.  

Did you have a favorite professor and, if so, who were they and why?  

There are far too many professors to thank from my time at UNF. However, there are two that stand out given their investment in me went beyond a semester.   

Dr. Oliver Schnusenberg was still relatively new to UNF when I took (the course) FIN3403 – Financial Management. I had recently switched from being a Criminal Justice major, and the advisor at UNF said I would either be all in on finance, or look to go a different route, based on this class. I was hooked, I knew nothing about the field before this class, and Dr. S. opened my eyes to the world of finance.  

After his class, I knew this was the direction I wanted to pursue. This started a multi-year period of learning from Dr. S. During my junior year, I had to select a professor to serve as the Academic Advisor for my honors thesis. Dr. S. agreed to serve in this capacity, and thus began an 18-month journey of research and analysis where we spent countless hours working together. This ultimately resulted in a publication titled “Students and Retirement Savings Predictors,” and the opportunity to present as a student at an academic conference, along with a formal publication in a peer-reviewed journal.   

Dr. Reiny Lamb also invested a considerable amount of time into my journey at Coggin College. Despite limited knowledge, I somehow convinced him that I was interested in finance and would be willing to put in the work to build my knowledge so that he would select me to join the Osprey Financial Group. Each year, this group of ten students is selected by Dr. Lamb and manages a portion of UNF’s endowment. This is not just an educational exercise; this group actively manages the investment portfolio and is held accountable by the board for performance at the end of the year.  

What was the hardest thing or challenge during your time at the Coggin College of Business?   

The greatest challenge at Coggin College was balancing multiple commitments while working to ensure each was delivered with excellence. Between a full class load, working 25-30 hours per week off campus, writing an Honors Thesis, Osprey Financial Group, community volunteerism, and serving in leadership roles in several on-campus organizations, the schedule was always full. 

What piece of advice would you give to a freshman entering the Coggin College of Business?  

Don’t wait to get involved and do more than just show up for class. Four years may seem like a long time, but I promise it will fly by, and you will soon look back on this chapter as just a brief moment in your journey. Use this time to be a sponge and expose yourself to as many things as you can, especially things that stretch you beyond where you are comfortable, because that’s where growth happens. 

Sometimes you will succeed, and other times you will fail, either way you will learn and grow. Be willing to fail, fail forward, and your future self will thank you for being bold rather than taking the safe and easy path.  

Describe how your time at the Coggin College of Business still impacts your life and career today?  

My time at UNF was a grind because of the many commitments I had made, but it taught me that anything is possible for those willing to put in the work. I did not grow up with family or friends working in business, so for me, there was no easy path to my career. Like most students at Coggin who don’t come in with a leg up, I had to out hustle my peers to stand out.  

Tell us about you as a person:  

I grew up in Jacksonville, my father served in the military, and he spent most of his career here. My mother worked at home, raising me and my two siblings, shuttling us around town and working overtime when dad was deployed.  

After UNF, I married my best friend, who is also from North Florida. A year after we were married, my wife and I had the opportunity to move around the country, working in Los Angeles and Chicago for four years. After finishing business school at the University of Chicago, we returned to Jacksonville to start our family. We now have three kids and couldn’t be prouder to be raising them in North Florida.   

I currently serve as the Regional President for PNC Bank in North Florida. In this role, I’ve been given the opportunity to lead our 800 team members across all lines of business in this region. It has been my life’s greatest professional honor to serve in this capacity and to play a role in our growth in my hometown.   

What is your favorite hobby and why?  

My favorite hobby is golf. This hobby has been largely sidelined while my wife and I raise our three kids, but I play corporate and weekday golf, and enjoy the game because of the relationships it has helped build and strengthen in my life. 

What was the last film you saw in a movie theater?  

I’m not sure, I honestly can’t recall the last movie I saw in a theater it’s been so long. The last one that comes to mind is Titanic…1997!  

Who is your favorite band or musical artist and why?  

I don’t have a favorite band but enjoy experiencing any type of music live. I didn’t grow up going to concerts. But as an adult, I’ve had the opportunity to see many live performances.  

What is your favorite color?  

Teal…Go Jags!   

How do you relax?  

Traveling with my family is the best way to relax. The opportunity to create memories and expose our kids to other parts of the country brings me great joy. No matter how far we travel, we still enjoy coming back to North Florida. This is an incredible region of the country, and we feel lucky every day that we get to call this home.