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LEIPLINE is a FREE, subscription only, quarterly newsletter that examines the details of the economic data that we collect for the Jacksonville MSA to provide greater insight for our readers.

Each February, May, August, and November, the LEIPLINE will provide an assessment of the just- past quarter and will forecast for the next quarter using the data we collect and other pertinent local, state, and national data.
In addition, each quarter we will provide research articles, developed by the LEIP students, to assess some interesting implications that the time series of data going back to January 2002 provide.

Simply follow the registration procedure above to sign up for the LEIPLINE. Then each month come to to view the inflation, leading indicator, stock price, and unemployment data to see how the climate is changing. Then, revisit the LEIPLINE each quarter to gain further insight into the Jacksonville economy provided by our excellent staff of student economists. 




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