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Research Team

The LEIP team consists of former and current college students from the University of North Florida. Below are all employees and the project(s) he/she is working on.

Topic Researchers

(* indicating previous LEIP researchers/employees)

Unemployment Rates
  • Dr. Albert Loh
  • Dr. Paul Mason*
Stock Prices
  • Jared Black
  • Mitchell Gropman*
Leading Economic Indicator
  • Dr. Albert Loh
  • Jared Black
  • Dr. Paul Mason
  • Kayla Lakatos*
Consumer Price Index
  • Jared Black
  • Winston Davis
  • Andrea Dong
  • Nicole Gerdes*
  • Garrett Leapley*
  • Cheyenne Partridge*
  • Grace Meyer*
  • Heather Pituch*
  • Hannah Johnson*
  • Mitchell Gropman*
  • Linda Lindenmoyer
  • Miranda Foster*
  • Kayla Lakatos*
  • David Burns*
  • Jacob Brunell*
  • Bryan Jones*
  • Ivana Bogic*
  • Troy Head*

If you have any questions or comments about the site, or if you would like to contact the LEIP team, feel free to e-mail us at