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Local Economy Studies

LEIPLINE Newsletter

LEIPLINE provided an assessment of the local economy each quarter and forecast for the next quarter using the data we collect and other pertinent local, state, and national data. For the archive of LEIPLINE between 2007-2015, please email Dr. Albert Loh at We are revising our forecasting model and will push out Semiannual Report in the near future.

Studies on Local Sectors in Jacksonville

Previous studies using LEIP data or conducted on specific local sectors by the LEIP Team are listed below.


  • The Healthcare and Bioscience Industry Economic Impact Study, 2007. (Paul Mason & Albert Loh)


  • The Cost of Homelessness and the Value of Homeless Services in the Jacksonville Metropolitan Area, 2008. (Albert Loh and Chris Johnson).


  • Potential and Actual Accessibility to Hospital and Hospital Services in Northeast Florida, 2009. (Albert Loh, Sharon Cobb, & Chris Johnson)


  • Housing and Non-Housing CPI Components: The National Case Versus a Local Example, 2014. (Paul Mason & Albert Loh)


  • Economics Impact of Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) Operation, 2019. (Albert Loh)