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Center for International Business Studies

Globalization, while perhaps an over-hyped concept, remains the defining characteristic of our world. It is therefore imperative that university alumni understand international business, not just domestic commerce. Indeed, even a cursory investigation proves that the very concept of "domestic" business is fiction, even for the world's largest economy. Every firm has international suppliers, or could have. Every consumer routinely purchases imported goods. Every citizen of the world has been affected by international terrorism, whether through lost savings, fewer job opportunities, or merely a less secure life.

The Coggin College of Business is committed to ensuring that our graduates develop a clear understanding of the international economy. All undergraduates, for example, are required to complete at least one course that focuses on the international aspects of their disciplines. Those majoring in international business must also become competent in a foreign language, complete an internship in international business, and participate in an international academic experience. The Coggin College also requires all new faculty hires to have international experience, ensuring that on-campus education remains global in scope. Each year, it also hosts approximately a dozen international speakers, ranging from sitting Ambassadors to academics to business professionals, in order to ensure that every student is exposed to foreign perspectives.

While a university education truly does prepare individuals for high-quality lives, productive employment, and good wages, few students would characterize their college careers as life-changing. However, virtually every person describes his or her first international experience as transformational. Thus, the Coggin College offers several types of study abroad experiences, including courses built around 10-day visits to firms abroad, internships abroad, full academic years abroad, and language training abroad, for both graduate and undergraduate students. Our wish is for every student to participate in one of these exciting programs.