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The Center for Economic and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Research

The Center for Economic and GIS Research (CEGR) is an interdisciplinary Center providing research and science based solutions in a variety of business settings. Founded in 2005 at the suggestion of Economics faculty members Andres Gallo, Chris Johnson and Albert Loh, the CEGR works with community businesses, governmental entities and non profits to resolve business problems and provide science based solutions. When conducting research activities, The Center for Economic and GIS Research relies heavily upon the intellectual capacity and analytical abilities available in its knowledgeable group of faculty Ph.D. research staff, who are largely, but not exclusively, from the Coggin College of Business, Department of Economics and Geography.

Recently CEGR has helped a variety of local government and business enterprises to solve difficult challenges. CEGR has published a variety of reports for government, businesses and non-profit institutions that employ cutting edge analytics. CEGR staff develop business solutions utilizing :

  • econometric sales, revenues, and inventory forecasting,
  • economic impact analysis,
  • government and private sector return on investment methodology,
  • market potential forecasting,
  • business valuation techniques,
  • market survey methods,
  • business location analysis
  • other state of the art economic analyses

We work closely with other Centers to take full advantage of UNF expertise. 


For more information, please contact Lian An or Chris Baynard