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Economics Advisory Council 

Our Advisory Council is a link to the professional community and industry practices for our department. They provide input on relevance of the overall program of study and specific aspects of the curriculum in today’s business landscape. They assist us in identifying specific competencies and skills students should possess to make the program more competitive and generate a better product. And they help assess the college’s competitive environment by advising on strategies to not only recruit students to the major, but also to hire the faculty.

  Sarah Arteaga 
Regional Economic Info Network Director
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  Justin R. Damiano 
Govt. & Reg. Affairs
Comcast NBC Universal
  Daniel R. Gilham 
Financial Advisor at Forbes, 
Thompson and Gilham Wealth Management Group 
Wells Fargo Advisors

  Rich Goeldner 
Executive Director
FairValue Advisors, LLC
  John Gol 
Chief Financial Officer
Borland-Groove Clinic

  Julie O’Meara 
Wealth Advisory Associate
Morgan Stanley
    Michael Plummer
IRE Capital Advisors, LLC 
  Shane Wilson 
Financial Advisor 
Merrill Lynch
  Justin Riddell
Risk Analyst
Credit at the Energy Authority