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Kirk Williams - President & CEO, Proficient Auto Transport 

Kirk Williams has worked in the transportation and logistics industry for 35 years. He was instrumental in putting together the acquisition of Proficient Auto Transport in 2004. The company has successfully grown nearly 700% during the past 10 years and is now one of the 15 largest auto haul trucking companies in America. Mr. Williams was the most recent Chairman of the Auto Haulers Association of America, and a Vice President of the Florida Trucking Association Representing the State of Florida at the national level of the American Trucking Association. 

He has worked for and managed several of the largest logistics operations, engineering, and marketing departments for companies such as Carolina Freight Corp, now ABF Freight Systems, Exel Logistics, Burlington Northern Railroad, GATX and APL Logistics. He earned a B.S. in Transportation and Logistics Management from Kent State University, and served on advisory councils for Stanford and MIT. Kirk currently serves as a member of the selection committee for the Bank of America Charitable Foundation’s including its Student Leaders Program, and serves as a member of the Business Advisory Council for the Coggin College of Business.