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Joey Janssen - Chief Employee Benefits Specialist, Benefit Advisors

"Benefit Advisors allows me to make an impact in my community. Day by day, business by business, we partner with our clients to build benefits, to engage our community, and to change lives."


Joey’s lifelong passion has been connecting people. His belief that collaboratively, our community can build something great have allowed him to flourish at Benefit Advisors. Connecting clients with the right support team is at the heart of all he does.


Born in Orlando, Joey is a rare native Floridian who may love the Red Sox, but would never trade in his flip-flops for snow boots. A graduate from the University of North Florida, Joey and his wife Adrienne live in Jacksonville while raising their two young daughters.


Dedicated to challenging the status quo, Joey can often be found on his computer scouring professional literature at all hours of the day to learn everything he can about his profession. Or he’s setting his fantasy football line-up. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.