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Objectives of the Fund

Objective I: Near-term Returns

Achieve a rate of return during the current, active/passive management period in excess of the following weighted average benchmark:


MSCI ACWI (0.70) + Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index (.30)

Objective II: Long Term Gains

Achieve a rate of return over the longer term which ranks above average when compared to a representative universe of other, similarly managed balanced/blended portfolios.

Objective III: Risk Management

Allay unnecessary risk exposure through active management, while seeking compensatory gains for risks accepted.


Even with diversified funds, there is exposure to weakness in the broad market, a particular industry, or specific holdings. The market as a whole can decline for many reasons, including adverse political or economic developments in the U.S. or abroad, changes in investor psychology, or heavy institutional selling. Likewise, the prospects for an industry or a company may also deteriorate. Among the principal risks to which the Fund is exposed are market risk, industry/sector risk, capitalization risk, interest rate risk and credit risk. Investments in foreign securities have foreign risk, country/geographic risk and currency risk.

Objective IV: Compliance

The assets managed by Osprey Financial Group shall be invested and reinvested only in securities that comply with the guidelines for equity and fixed income securities contained in the University of North Florida Foundation, Inc. Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives.