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Current Management

Photo of current OFG members 2019-2020

Osprey Financial Group (2019-2020): Top (left to right): Dr. Sean Davis, Austin Bush, Alexander Gaus, Austin Logothetis, Thomas Psaras, Chase Smith, Brendan D Souza. Bottom (left to right): Shaan Sood, Dylan Hubiak, Jessi Xia, Leon Weber, Nicholas Hoover


"As the group of students selected to manage the UNF Student Managed Investment Fund, we have been chosen as leaders to set the standards for the future. For now, we are owners in the vision and fiduciary responsibility of this program. Not only do we have the opportunity to operate as a professional investment firm, but we also represent the excellent quality of the UNF Coggin College of Business. It is a privilege that we must accept with the utmost in humility and professionalism. It is within this spirit that we share the vision to develop a program that will enhance our professional development, increase recognition for the quality of the UNF Coggin College of Business, and ultimately add value to our community."


Dr. Sean Davis Associate Professor of Accounting & Finance - UNF


2019-2020 Analysts Analytic Assignment
Austin Bush

Communication Services; Political Analyst; Fixed Income/Government Event Plays; North America Chief Economist

Alexander Gaus Financials; Value Plays; Operations Manager
Austin Logothetis Industrials; Non-government Plays; Alumni Relations Director
Thomas Psaras Energy; Technical & Commodity/ Currency/Index Plays; Technician
Chase Smith Real Estate; Small Cap Plays; Africa/Oceana Economist
Brendan D Souza Healthcare; Mid Cap Plays; Special Projects
Shaan Sood Utilities; Non-government Plays; Statistician
Dylan Hubiak Materials; Mega Cap Plays; Asian Economist; Statistician

Jessi Xia

Consumer Discretionary; Green Plays; Photographer/Canvas Coordinator
Leon Weber Information Technology; Event-government Plays; European Economist
Nicholas Hoover Consumer Staples; Large Cap Plays; Fixed Income Plays; Latin America Economist

Officer Position Descriptions